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Millions of players from every corner of the world choose our games every day. We have introduced our games into main social networks all over the world and we are constantly developing new titles and new ideas.

Whether the games are intended to entertain fishing fans, farming freaks or fighting enthusiasts, they always meet the highest standards and keep the players entertained and engaged.

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Our games:

  • hunt strona tsg

    Let’s Hunt

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    Shoot the largest animal and become the king of hunters in the new simulation game, Let’s Hunt! Gather professional equipment, choose your favourite hunting grounds and go shooting in the woods and valleys all around the world!


    In the new social simulation game, Let’s Hunt, you become a hunter whose task is to catch the biggest animals possible in different parts of the world. Thanks to realistic graphics you can travel without leaving your home, explore the world of wild game (deers, boars, wolves, foxes, bears and more) and enjoy the view of beautiful primaeval landscapes. If you choose the right weapon, you’ll bag amazing specimens, which will fill your heart with pride and enrapture your friends and rivals from the game.

    Don’t hesitate – put on your hunting cap, listen to the call of the wild and go on a chase!







    • experience an extraordinary hunting trip in 3D
    • visit the famous hunting grounds all around the world thanks to realistic graphics
    • pit yourself against different weather conditions: slanting rain, thunderstorms or the blinding sun
    • get professional equipment: various weapons, binoculars, calls and other pieces of gear indispensable during hunting
    • hunt down amazing animal specimens: deers, boars, wolves, foxes, bears and more
    • feel the thrill of excitement while following the path of a bullet thanks to the special frozen time effect
    • share information about your takes and trophies with your friends
    • complete new missions, take part in monthly tournaments, compete with other players and fight for the title of the best hunter in the ranking.
  • jw 4


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    Jungle is your home! War is your destiny! Become a chief of a tribal village in the middle of an endless jungle, build its structures, defend it from enemies, attack hostile tribes and get recognized as a master of strategy in a new massive multiplayer online strategy game – Jungle Wars!


    You are the chief of your own tribe now, which comes both with power and responsibility: you are obliged to build, control and develop your village. You need to decide where to place the buildings and how to benefit from them – all to ensure long and undisturbed life of your people. If you want to keep the title of the king of the jungle, you need to attack your enemies, loot their resources and repulse their attacks. In order to succeed, summon an invincible army, train your warriors, produce food and mana that allow you to make fast progress in the game, and build defensive objects, like walls and towers. Keep upgrading your buidlings to enhance your power and make your village more resistant to external dangers, and never forget about the heart of your village – the Totem, which unlocks new items and upgrades in the game.







    • compete with your friends and players from around the world in battles, in which  valuable loots are at stake
    • protect your village from enemies by building and upgrading different defence objects: the Mortar, the Shaman Tower and others
    • take vengeance on your foes who have plundered your land
    • develop your village and upgrade buildings to enhance your position amongst other chiefs and to unlock new elements in the game
    • form a powerful army of specialized units – if you deploy them wisely on the battle field, you will gain a crushing victory over hostile tribes
    • follow the ranking of your victorious attacks, successful defences and of cups earned  for the battles
    • check your battle log every day to follow the actions of your enemies
    • experience unforgettable emotions thanks to the extraordinary graphics, which will transfer you to a mysterious and gloomy world of the wilderness
  • new lets fish

    Let’s Fish

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    Catch the biggest fish and compete with your friends in Let’s Fish - a new high-quality fishing game! Thanks to our stunning realistic locations you can unwind after work and have real fun with fishing. Take part in everyday rankings and tournaments and win great prizes! The game is suitable both for those who enjoy competition and for those who just want to relax and gain experience in fishing.


    Let’s Fish - a new high-quality fishing game

    Let’s Fish allows players to compete with each other in numerous tournaments, rankings and competitions. They earn experience points, coins and banknotes which then can be traded for professional fishing tackle. Players can choose between nearly 40 stunning fishing spots suitable for spin, float and sea fishing. Each location offers a variety of fish species: from simple roaches, perches of the Small Lake, exotic barracudas, sea devils and sharks of the Paradise Beach to the endemic species of Mekong or cold tolerant species of the Antarctic. The shop provides professional tackle: rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, nets, landings, as well as vehicles, buffs and various kinds of baits and groundbait.  To put it in a nutshell: the game fulfills requirements of the most demanding users.




    Key features

    • daily ratings and tournaments with great prizes
    • over 400 species of fish
    • nearly 40 beautiful, realistic locations on all continents
    • over 300 levels
    • profiles displaying users’ achievements
    • possibility to exchange items and give presents to friends
    • one-to-one fishing duels and international championships
    • float fishing, sea fishing and spinning tackle: rods, hooks, lines, reels, lures, fly lines, landings; baits, groundbait, buffs, nets and more…
    • realistic fishing experience achieved by high quality graphics and excellent game performance
  • Lets Farm_307x180

    Let’s Farm!

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    Become a nobleman and set up your own farm in a new online game Let’s Farm! Reap and sow, build houses for your workers, take care of your animals and meet new neighbours. Create the most beautiful farm, impress your friends and have loads of fun!

    Become a nobleman and set up your own farm

    The new social game Let’s Farm! provides players with an opportunity to experience brand new quality of social gaming. Players become noblemen who build, develop and take care of their manors – among their tasks are: sowing fields, harvesting crops, building houses for farm workers and their families, breeding animals and managing inventory in a reasonable and effective way. Excellent quality of graphics and game performance help players discover the real joy of farming. The variety of tasks you can perform on the farm makes the game entertaining and  engrossing. Whether you are passionate about  farming or new to the world of agriculture, this is the game for you!



    Key features

    • opportunity to create and develop your own unique manor
    • many possibilities of expanding your estate
    • real-life tasks: sowing and reaping, feeding animals, picking fruits, setting up factories and workshops and many more
    • variety of houses, farm buildings, factories and parlours
    • exciting tournaments with great prizes
    • well-stocked market where you can buy different seeds, trees, animals, buildings and other special items
    • clear and user-friendly layout
  • Mushroom Hunt

    Mushroom Hunt

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    Embark on a mushroom hunt and find the biggest mushroom! Learn about new kinds of mushrooms, buy baskets, knives, mushroom books, clothes, ovens, houses, or even your own little forest! You can manage the mushrooms you’ve collected by either selling them and earning money to get new equipment or by preparing mushroom meals. Visit beautiful forests and search for record mushrooms hidden in the nooks and crannies. Compete with your friends in rankings, tournaments and contests! Set off on a mushroom hunt right now!

    About the game

    Mushroom Hunt is a new social game based on the mushroom picking theme. Players have professional mushroom picking equipment at their disposal: baskets, mushroom atlases, knives, special outfit, weather stations, various types of houses, ovens to cook the mushrooms, or even their own small forests. They compete with their friends in everyday ratings, tournaments and contests. The game is suitable both for  mushroom picking experts, who want to challenge their skills and knowledge, and for beginners, who are only starting to discover the joy of this great leisure activity.





    Key features

    • Beautiful realistic forest locations
    • Numerous kinds of mushrooms
    • Professional mushroom equipment: baskets, mushroom atlases, mushroom  knives, clothes. ovens and many more
    • Special features: weather stations, houses, small forests;
    • Opportunity for exciting competition (ratings, tournaments and contests)
    • Tranquil surroundings which help players unwind and recharge their batteries