„My Old Man Is a Fishing Fanatic” Movie

| Ten Square Games

Here at Ten Square Games, we aim to provide you with the best mobile games so that you can be entertained on a daily basis.

But we also support other forms of entertainment. And when they are related to fishing, it is our duty to promote them.

We’ve recently contributed to the making of a film based on a popular Internet story that has been circulating the Polish web.

The short story titled „My Old Man Is a Fishing Fanatic” will appear on the big screen the following year. This is quite a phenomenon – an Internet story written for fun has made it to the big screen! It is completely funded by benefactors from a crowdfunding platform and independent contributors. It will star several well-known actors from the Polish television and the film industry, like Piotr Cyrwus and Marian Dziędziel.We are proud that Ten Square Games could take a small part in the creation of this movie.