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Flexible Hours

Flexible hours

You won’t have to get all worked up over tight school schedule and fixed working hours. We will help you manage your time in the best possible way for you!

Job = Education

Become an intern

We cooperate with the University of Wrocław as a part of the European Union project so nothing can be easier – take your future in your hands and send your CV now!


Valued potential

Secure your future with us! We know the value of students and new grads and we make sure that the best ones stay in our team – you just have to make the first move!

Best universities in Wrocław

University of Wrocław — One of the oldest universities in Central Europe, founded in 1702. It offers multiple faculties, including the renowned and higly esteemed IT faculty.
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Wrocław Univeristy of Technology — One of the best technical universities in Poland with 12 faculties offering degrees in sciences.
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Wrocław University of Economics — a public university focused in higher education in business, economics, finances and management.
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