Working at Ten Square Games

Why is it great to be a part of our team?
Let us show you just a few reasons.

The Kitchen

The central meeting place in every company – you can chat with others over coffee, have nourishing meal and take a little break from creating epic games! That’s the place where the best brainstorms happen!

Daily updates

We know the value of team work
and how important it is to be up to date with all the work that other team members are doing. That is why team meetings are a part
of our daily routine.

Social events

All work and no play makes…
Not at our company! We know that having fun is vital to having happy employees – that’s why we organize regular social events, spontaneous get-togethers and special events!

Benefits for the active

Worried that long hours in front of the computer will affect your health and physical condition? Not at our company! We offer a MultiSport card, which gives access to a large number of sport facilities all over Poland!

Flexible working hours

Do you value your individual freedom or have a lot of activities outside of a job that keep you from coming to work on fixed hours every day? You don’t have to lose any more sleep over that when you come work with us!

Our Values

Our values shape the attitude to our work, games and self-development. They evolved with us as the company grew and we were learning from our experiences.  They are very important to us as we believe this is the key to our success.

Check our values here


You don’t have to sit at your desk and work all day long – you’re more than welcome to take a break, blast some enemy troops and reset your brain – all this in our private playroom!


Developing games is not something we forget when we leave work – it’s our hobby as well! To keep our minds flexible, we meet every few months to develop innovative and crazy games in only 48 hours!

Kids’ University

We know how important it is to instil interests and passion in children in young age. That is why we organize activities for children during which our game developers impart their craft to the youngest.

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