How to achieve 94% of employee satisfaction?

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Let’s start off with a truism – achieving a high employee satisfaction should be one of the most important internal goals of every modern company. After all, general happiness will definitely contribute to keeping employee turnover low. And, in some cases, it can even boost the company’s overall performance. So, to see how we’re doing in that department, we asked our team members a few questions in an anonymous survey. Among many, the most important one: are you happy about working at the company? Since you already know the answer by looking at the title of this article, we should … Continued


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On August 14, 2019 the new Terms of Services for companies in the Ten Square Games group shall come into force. The changes will introduce uniform terms of providing services for all Users of our games. The existing terms for the provision of services for individual games shall be replaced by one comprehensive version of Terms of Services. Users who have an Account (i.e. registered players), are entitled to terminate the provision of services agreement, if they do not accept the new Terms of Services. The notice of termination may be submitted until the provisions of the new Terms of … Continued

4 localization challenges in mobile games on the example of Fishing Clash

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Let’s start with an important remark – localization doesn’t equal translation. With translation, your goal is to represent the original text as faithfully as possible, with localization – not always. Localization is more like an adaptation. For example, it would be a bold idea to literally translate an in-game Thanksgiving event into Chinese, because it’s an unknown festive day in Asia. Keeping that in mind and knowing the dynamics of the mobile games business, here are 4 common obstacles one may face when working on localizations.      1.TIME So many strings, so little time Keeping a mobile game interesting … Continued

A day at work of a software developer in the mobile industry

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A software developer’s working day usually begins with an activity called the code review – a quick elimination of inconsistencies and mistakes, which helps to find better coding solutions. The code review depicts an important element of a programmers work – programming is not only about writing code; a lot of time is dedicated to analyze problems and come up with efficient solutions.

This company retreat was like a firsthand Peking Express

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Stating that work-life balance is important is like proclaiming that penguins can’t fly. And while corporate retreats are a significant factor in keeping a team’s mental hygiene intact, there can be more to it. As studies show, a well-organised company trip can turn out to be a great way to encourage people to work together to achieve a shared goal. And exactly that was the key factor in our company trip this year.

2 core skills of a production-aware game designer

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Design is where it all starts. From a spontaneous idea to a solid concept, followed by a first prototype and pre-production tests, a game designer plays a key role in defining the future production process. To maximize the chances of creating a successful game, a designer has to apply two R’s –  reaction and… reason!    

Reasons why you’d like to work at Ten Square Games

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Do you dream that you’ll have an ideal job with many career paths and the possibility of development after graduation? Would you like to keep developing in the IT and mobile games industry and also be up to date with trends? You couldn’t find a better place! I’ll assure you that you’ll gladly get out of bed for Ten Square Games because it’s not just a company – it’s potential, unbelievable work comfort and amazing people who strive for a shared success. Interested? Find out more about us!

Who is who in the mobile gamedev world?

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Average mortals think that the world of game makers is made of kittens and unicorns and once you get there, you’ll live happily ever after. But the truth is a little bit darker. If you get to this mythical “promised land”, you’ll have to face challenges philosophers have not dreamed of. Here’s a short description of key functions in this mythical world.


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KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) has approved the prospectus of Ten Square Games Joint-stock company connected with Public Offering. The company has applied for introduction of shares to trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange market and plans its debut in May. Haitong Bank Joint-stock company is offering shares.

Free 2 Play Academy

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Last weekend a unique event on the scale of the whole country took place – Free2Play Academy. It’s an annual event that lets game enthusiasts from all over Poland try their hands at game development.

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