UI Design – Love at first sight

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A brave new, techy world challenges us every day. Let’s try to grasp a bit of it by talking to Paweł Paliński – a game dev specialist UI Designer. Our expert will touch on UI/UX and the necessary skills to become a successful UI game designer. But before we start, a quick reminder of what UI/UX Design is. It’s good to think about UI and UX as a married couple in the digital industry. A loving couple. They can’t cope without each other. Yet, they’re two independent individuals representing different things. So, if we picture UI as a beautifully decorated … Continued

How to achieve 94% of employee satisfaction?

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Let’s start off with a truism – achieving a high employee satisfaction should be one of the most important internal goals of every modern company. After all, general happiness will definitely contribute to keeping employee turnover low. And, in some cases, it can even boost the company’s overall performance. So, to see how we’re doing in that department, we asked our team members a few questions in an anonymous survey. Among many, the most important one: are you happy about working at the company? Since you already know the answer by looking at the title of this article, we should … Continued

Fishing Clash is hitting TV screens in the US!

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After months of preparations, Fishing Clash starts appearing on TV screens in the United States! The production was very exciting and we hope the effects are as well! Let us know if you like it! And here are a few making of pictures:


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On August 14, 2019 the new Terms of Services for companies in the Ten Square Games group shall come into force. The changes will introduce uniform terms of providing services for all Users of our games. The existing terms for the provision of services for individual games shall be replaced by one comprehensive version of Terms of Services. Users who have an Account (i.e. registered players), are entitled to terminate the provision of services agreement, if they do not accept the new Terms of Services. The notice of termination may be submitted until the provisions of the new Terms of … Continued

4 localization challenges in mobile games on the example of Fishing Clash

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Let’s start with an important remark – localization doesn’t equal translation. With translation, your goal is to represent the original text as faithfully as possible, with localization – not always. Localization is more like an adaptation. For example, it would be a bold idea to literally translate an in-game Thanksgiving event into Chinese, because it’s an unknown festive day in Asia. Keeping that in mind and knowing the dynamics of the mobile games business, here are 4 common obstacles one may face when working on localizations.      1.TIME So many strings, so little time Keeping a mobile game interesting … Continued

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