Books you should read if you want to become a game designer!

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We asked our company’s most experienced game designers to recommend the best books to get you started on a path to becoming a professional game designer.

Fishing clans arrive at Fishing Clash!

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Hello, fishing enthusiasts! We’ve recently added a new feature to ‘Fishing Clash’ – the fishing clans! ‘Fishing Clash’ is a fast-paced and dynamic fishing game with a strong focus on dueling with other players. But we wanted to increase the competition factor in the game. So what would be better than fishing duels? Well, the answer is simple – fishing duels between the whole groups of players! And so we’ve introduced the clans to ‘Fishing Clash’. Now players can band into groups and together earn prizes, participate in special clan events and even help each other by sending game equipment … Continued

Free 2 Play Academy

| Ten Square Games

Last weekend a unique event on the scale of the whole country took place – Free2Play Academy. It’s an annual event that lets game enthusiasts from all over Poland try their hands at game development.

Fishing Clash Global Launch

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Fishing Clash is now available all over the world. Grab your phone and let’s fish!

The Academy of the Future

| Ten Square Games

The second edition of Akademia Przyszłości (the Academy of the Future), an initiative for the education of children, has started and Ten Square Game is there to support it.

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