Ten Square Games is a winner of Forbes Diamonds 2020!

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We’re happy to announce that our company, Ten Square Games, took 1st place in the Lower Silesian region and 5th place (out of 7 thousand companies from Poland) in the annual national Diamond ranking of Forbes. Forbes Diamonds are awarded to the most rapidly developing companies in the last three years of their activity. This evaluation is one of the hallmarks of the Polish edition of Forbes. It’s made in cooperation with the Bisnode business intelligence agency collecting, processing, and analyzing data in 18 countries for over 25 years, which guarantees a reliable research methodology. Bisnode Polska collected data of … Continued

From specialist to leader. How it’s done in the game industry?

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Women in IT are still a minority. According to the study of Stack Overflow, as many as 91% of programmers are male. In Poland, women account for only 5.9% of all IT specialists. Let’s add a leader position to that. Impossible? And yet! Setting new goals, inspiring with knowledge and constant learning – this is only a part of a leader’s responsibilities. According to Kantar’s study, women in high positions introduce a new quality to organization management. Natural ability to communicate is one of their advantages. Combining it with empathy helps to bring teams together. Interviewed leaders claimed that women … Continued

Coronavirus – How to adapt to the new reality while maintaining the organizational culture.

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It’s a hard time for all of us. It’s also a time to get organized, reevaluate goals and adjust the action strategy. It’s a time during which we not only have to face long-distance problems, such as broken or incomplete equipment, but also the distance that separates us and the time of reaction. Teams’ everyday work has become a challenge as until now they had their team mates at their fingertips. But a challenge is something that lets us keep learning. Absolutely and unconditionally. This is what we stick to at TSG. The end of February and beginning of March … Continued

Ten Square Games Job Interview FAQs. Play it right.

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OMG, I’ve got a job interview! That is how to cope with over-excitement. Here it is—the impatiently-awaited email. Click it, read it, and skip with joy, bursting with energy. Hop and jump, laugh, and clap. Does it sound like you after getting a dream job interview invitation? Admittedly, not all of us are so expressive (!). But regardless of how we show our emotions, here are a few things we should bear in mind to be successful in our recruitment process.    A greenhorn’s revenge. Let’s grill the grillers, shall we? I’m new at TSG: to begin with. I got … Continued

UI Design – Love at first sight

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A brave new, techy world challenges us every day. Let’s try to grasp a bit of it by talking to Paweł Paliński – a game dev specialist UI Designer. Our expert will touch on UI/UX and the necessary skills to become a successful UI game designer. But before we start, a quick reminder of what UI/UX Design is. It’s good to think about UI and UX as a married couple in the digital industry. A loving couple. They can’t cope without each other. Yet, they’re two independent individuals representing different things. So, if we picture UI as a beautifully decorated … Continued

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