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To cut a long story short: we’re mobile games developers. One of the biggest in Poland. With years of experience in putting a smile on millions of players’ faces worldwide. We live and breathe free-2-play games. We create games that simulate the most popular outdoor hobbies – it’s our bread and butter.


Our company pros are ambitious and dedicated to developing their skills. That’s why we like to participate in conferences, workshops, and courses; sometimes as audience members and sometimes as lecturers. We do this in-house through our own development initiatives but also strive to share our knowledge at events all around the world. The best part about it? We get to spend quality time in great company!


We live our company life to the fullest, and we love it. We celebrate every little moment worth celebrating, whether it’s someone’s first day at work, a workmate’s anniversary, or even somebody’s dog’s birthday! That’s because we enjoy having fun together, no matter the form. Trust us — we say no to boredom!


Being a part of our team also means that we party just as hard as we work. In 2021, we traveled from more than 20 locations across Europe to meet on Obonjan Island, where we celebrated the company’s 10th anniversary. Our events allow us to meet each other in person and recharge our batteries, having good, fun times.

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Ten Square Games was born in 2011 in Wrocław, Poland. Our first mission was to experiment with unique 3D Game ideas targeted at social networks. Our infancy didn’t last long, as we rapidly grew into a company with two studios and millions of active players worldwide. We’re both amazed and extremely proud of that!


Ten Square Games is founded.


Let’s Fish is born (we’ve already mentioned our very brief childhood:) )


Our first-born becomes famous with millions of players worldwide. Its parents are bursting with pride and joy.


Let’s Fish launches on mobile devices, reaching many new players.


The Game Factory Model is launched along with new games.


The Game Factory starts to bring in revenue.


Fishing Clash is born, and the Mango team is established to start developing new products.


Ten Square Games enters the Stock Exchange Market.


Hunting Clash is born – the aim is to create realistic animation to deliver unforgettable adventures.


A new studio opens in Warsaw! Three new games are globally launched: Wild Hunt, Solitales, and Flip This House.


We opened two new studios in Berlin and Bucharest, and we acquired Rortos studio (Verona). Fishing Clash entered the Chinese market!


We added Gamesture - a Poland-based RPG creator - to our portfolio.


We launched Wings of Heroes, which proceeded to reach 2 million installs in just 2 months!

Future in progress...


TSG continues to grow. We’re developing mobile 3D simulation hobby games for people who want an unforgettable experience without leaving home. Fishing? Hunting? Other hobbies? Doesn’t matter; we’re on it! Our games are available on all major social platforms, a network of partner sites, and on Google Play, the App Store, and the Huawei and Microsoft Stores. We’re growing fast and taking pride in being a team of game development enthusiasts who create an open and diverse work environment full of extraordinary challenges for people passionate about social entertainment.


TSG values shape the attitude toward our work, games, and self-development. They have evolved with us as the company grew, and we learned from our experiences. We believe this is the key to our success.

Dare to explore.

Have passion and courage. Fish out the best opportunities using data and judgement. Learn from mistakes.

Own it.

Spread the wings of creativity, be responsible and resourceful. It's the key to success.

Grow together.

Work, learn and have fun! Always go the extra mile for our players and colleagues.

Change fast.

Roll with things. Be brave and act on the spot. Change as the business changes.

Trust .

Be transparent, open-minded and honest. It's how we build our team.



Boost Week is our yearly knowledge-sharing event combined with a #TeamTSG Game Jam. The event allows everyone to hone their public speaking skills, share their knowledge with the entire team, and then, finally, work together to create awesome games.The whole event is gamified, with awesome prizes available to the participants, ranging from TSG swag to smartphones and video game consoles, making the learning rewarding in more than one way!


We believe that sharing knowledge is crucial. That’s why we came up with a series of online classes that shed some light on the game development industry. You can learn how to become a game designer, 2D, and 3D artist, and much, much more.If you’d like to kickstart your career but don’t know how to go about it, we’re here to help; just ask any TSG expert!

Giving Back

Our success, would not be complete if it weren’t for the fact that we can support others through it. We support numerous charity initiatives, including Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, Pajacyk, the Mam Marzenie Foundation, and many, many others. Recently, we have become members of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

A vital element of our CSR activity involves our employees. We regularly organize campaigns in which they raise funds for charity organizations, including the Animal Care Society or the Wrocław Hospice for Children.

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