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We believe everything is about diversity. It’s our drive to reach out to the stars. Life scenarios, experiences, tastes, ideas and ethnicities – they’re all different, yet our commonalities and willingness to discover make us a team of professionals sharing the same values and vision. We are sure you will love it here. Check what we have achieved.

Work where your ideas matter.

There will be no dullness, only lots of unstoppable energy.

Be a-head of the game

Unfold your ideas and let them become real.
Be a creator, dare to explore, set directions and aspire to achieve.
It is you who make a real impact on the final product.
It's time to head for TSG

Unlock excitement

Take all opportunities you are given and make your own path in self-development.
Gain experience
and unlock your creativity with us.
Dare to enter the next level in your career.

We are the game changers!

Why is it great to be part of our team? Let us give you a few reasons.

We organize a Game Design Forum every week to discuss with other game designers what we’ve recently learned. These talks make us get extra creative and are the perfect occasions to exchange our experiences. Ten Square Games is a world of unlimited possibilities, and it stands wide-open for you. Just get in there.


Product Manager at Fishing Clash

I adore the space to experiment and implement improvements in my job. They’re not always 100% dead-on, but we always try to analyze them for ourselves, draw conclusions and implement them into our future activities. It’s just incredible how much one can learn from personal failures when you are given space for it.


Lead Producer at Undead Clash

When you find your passion, you better follow it. I discovered mine when I realized how much lifting up and empowering others satisfies me. Ten Square Games gave me the opportunity to help transform all our Game Designers' successes and failures into learning experiences, allowing us to reach new heights . This is why I enjoy the position so much.


Head of Game Design

Working at TSG has given me an opportunity to develop my skills in the field of illustration in a blink of an eye. There are endless opportunities to grow, gain new experiences, and learn from senior colleagues. Oh yeah, and we also have lots of fun in an open-minded and welcoming environment!


2D Graphic Designer

From engineering to product - working at TSG let me explore a variety of different roles to find out what I'm truly passionate about. Being able to explore myself as much as technology approaches, product design, and different ways of making games is on a level you'll never experience anywhere else, all in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


Senior Backend Developer



User Acquisition Manager


Junior Product Specialist


2D Artist


3D Animator


HR Specialist


Product Analyst