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We are enthusiasts, We are experts, we are friends

We believe everything is about diversity. It’s our drive to reach out to the stars. Life scenarios, experiences, tastes, ideas and ethnicities – they’re all different, yet our commonalities and willingness to discover make us a team of professionals sharing the same values and vision. We are sure you will love it here.

Be the hero of your own career.

Join the leading mobile games developer in Poland and see what we've got for you.

Don’t be an NPC!

Play the main part.
At Ten Square Games, there are no pawns, only creators. You can make a real impact and shape the final product.

Let your job be your sandbox

Play the way you like to.
Explore the open world ready to unlock your potential and upgrade your skills to master level! At Ten Square Games, you’ll have the freedom to create & experiment.

Upgrade your skills

Develop your character.
At Ten Square Games, there’s always wind beneath your wings. It’s time to buff your skills for your personal development. No more standing still.

We are the game changers!

Why is it great to be part of our team? Let us give you a few reasons.

Everyone has their input in projects here, but there isn’t any unhealthy rivalry in the air. We shape the game, so making important decisions is always accompanied by a true sense of responsibility.


3D Animator

You will collaborate with people to create cool, weird or unique mechanics. You will have time to polish up your creations and make sure the creative vision is achieved – all to make the best product on the market.


Frontend Developer

TSG has its inimitable vibe – a mix of creativity, team spirit, freedom, and passion that continually inspires me. Being part of TSG gives me possibilities to grow, develop and become a better professional every single day.


VIP Specialist

We organize a Game Design Forum every week to discuss with other game designers what we’ve recently learned. These talks make us get extra creative and are the perfect occasions to exchange our experiences. Ten Square Games is a world of unlimited possibilities, and it stands wide-open for you. Just get in there.


Game Designer

The board gives us a great deal of autonomy and is very supportive when we need help. Whenever I feel we should take the risk and invest in an experimental feature, I get both expertise from the team and meaningful advice from the board. To sum it up, it’s a high-stakes, yet very rewarding job.


Product Owner

Ten Square Games has been one of the most welcoming experiences I have had because the company culture is built upon transparency and collaboration. There is a great mixture of skills and experience with everyone given genuine autonomy to be part of making great games. We have the right balance of humility and hunger at all levels, all being channeled by a really strong identity for who we are and what we do.


Business Owner


Backend Development Team Lead


Customer Support Specialist


Art Lead


Senior Game DevOps Engineer


Head of Producers


Junior QA Tester