Our studios - Ten Square Games - one of the biggest mobile games development company in Poland


Check out our workplace.

Both of our studios are located in Poland’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. In both, you’ll enjoy a fantastic modern workplace. Each of them has a lot to offer in terms of fun and comfort at work. But hey, work isn’t everything, right?

Wrocław studio.

Our mothership and the main office. Wrocław is the place where it all started. At the time, we had an area of 10 sq. meters at our disposal. Luckily, it was only four of us sharing it. Today, we’re much bigger, but still the same – with the same principles and smiles on our faces. Oh, one more thing – you’ll still have the opportunity to have a chat with the company founders over a morning coffee.

Located in the very heart of this gorgeous city, we enjoy fantastic working conditions plus a very easy access to lots of amenities. It’s an ideal combination of a great place to be and a great job to do.

Warsaw studio.

Our first satellite studio with a superb location and tons of ideas to work on. We’re proud that we can explore new game dev territories with a brand new team in Warsaw. With a fresh attitude and openness to all possibilities, we are working on new products for our portfolio. We believe that titles created there will make TSG famous all over the world.