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tEN SQUARE GAMES AIMS TO BECOME a developer that balances profits with social and environmental impact - esg strategy

Environmental commitment
Carbon neutrality by Dec 2022
Eco education
In-game events in flagship products Employee engagement campaigns
Diversity & Inclusion
Non-discriminatory and equal-rights workplace
Employees' engagement
Equal pay
Support - social commitment
Responsible gaming
Official policies
Good practices of listed companies (GWP Main Market)
International cooperation
Transparent communication with all stakeholders
1721.42 T CO2E

The footprint generated by external servers running our games.

Work from home
133.43 T CO2E

The footprint generated by our team while they worked from home in a remote role or as an effect of the pandemic.

Procured goods
6752.87 T CO2E

The carbon footprint generated by external services such as marketing services, advertisement, research and development, team training and education, HR and financial services made up 70% share of our carbon footprint.

business travels
13.24 T CO2E

The carbon footprint of all our trips including airplane, train and accommodation emissions. 2020 did not see a lot of travel from us, making this amount considerably lower than it would be in a non-pandemic year.

59.57 T CO2E

Power consumed by our Warsaw and Wrocław offices. (Our offices outside Poland were not set up yet at the time of calculation.)

Games (software usage)
739.55 T CO2E

The footprint generated by our customers while playing our games on their devices.

Our initiatives.

TSG employees have passion and courage and they happily share it with others. We encourage local communities to expand their skills, deepen their knowledge, and give them tools to balance their chances for a better future. We act responsibly and resourcefully, we take care of potential negative effects of our activities and transform them into an even greater social and environmental asset.

We invited our people to the Eco League challenge where they learned how to help endangered species, re-use plastic and make meat-free meals. As a reward, for tasks they solved we planted 1000 trees.

The Playing For The Planet Alliance was launched to reach and educate players by green actions in games.

We made 10 dreams of critically ill children come true twice! By joining GameStars project of Make a Wish foundation and by internal talent market for Mam Marzenie foundation.

Giving Back.

Helping is our favorite team game. It doesn't take long to persuade us when a goal is worthy. Talent auctions, charity fundraising, sports charity challenges or designing an in-game event with an environmental goal? We're in!


We support a variety of organizations that pursue Sustainable Development Goals.


Our projects and initiatives.

We make mobile games - and we're good at it too! Everyone in TSG has one thing in common - we're passionate about games!

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