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our games.

Our portfolio has a rich history. Of course, our clashes are the most famous. Their leitmotifs are outdoor hobbies that allow players to enter the worlds of fishing or hunting. We have also made match3 games, puzzles, farming, battle games and even a golf simulator. See what you can play with us.

Fishing Clash
Become a world-class angler!

Fishing Clash is in top 50 in Google Play store. Played by 80 million in 136 countries. Grab your professional fishing tackle and go on an extreme fishing adventure!
A 3D fishing simulator offers an abundance of fish species and a superb fishing experience at numerous locations worldwide.

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Hunting Clash
The most realistic hunting simulator.

Hunting Clash is a 3D hunting simulator with superb graphics and fantastic sound. It offers excitement, challenge, and fun—all in one place! Hunters experience the thrill of tackling powerful, yet agile animals against picturesque landscapes.

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Let’s Fish
Fun which never gets boring.

Fishing Clash’s older brother and still one of the most popular fishing simulators among anglers all over the world. It delivers unforgettable moments of rivalry, regular events, and championships.
Let’s Fish boasts over a million Facebook community members!

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Wild Hunt
Social action-packed sports hunting game.

Hunters worldwide are given an unbeatable, realistic hunting experience. It’s filled with breathtaking scenery and tough challenges. The game helps answer a real hunter’s call of the wild and is an excellent indoor alternative for all hunting fans.

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Undead Clash
in development

You probably know how this story goes – a deadly virus is released from a lab and turns every living creature into a bloodthirsty zombie! We combined this scenario with our hit clash mechanics, bringing you an FPS zombie shooter on mobile! With a wide range of weapons, and cutting-edge visuals, competitive and social play, we promise you the best zombie hunter experience! Coming soon.

Undead Clash