There are lots of reasons to join us.

We love the fact we’ve got quite a few aces up our sleeves. But what really matters is the virtually unlimited self-development path that you will take with TSG. So, you may expect a full range of standard gaming company perks plus some more thrown in for good measure.
Let’s start with the extra bits, shall we?

Freedom to make decisions.

We believe this is the best foundation for becoming resourceful. This is why we’ll watch you spread your wings and take to the sky, choose, decide and take on responsibility for your concepts. But fret not – we’ll still discuss and draw conclusions as a team. We’ll never leave you up the stream without a paddle.


If personal development is something that appeals to you, look no further. TSG provides you with lots of opportunities to leverage your competencies. You’ll enjoy development days like market reconstructions and communities of practice, webinars, conferences and much, much more. You’ll also have access to a collection of educational books that the whole team can contribute to.


Yes. It’s the kind of business that requires people who are bursting with ideas. That’s the way it is at TSG. This is how we achieve and deliver. Go on then, let your volcano of creativity erupt. We love it this way!


Don’t worry – we have your back. With TSG private medical care, you’ll enjoy the flexibility and availability of medical services. If you need support, you can also get help thanks to a free consultation with a psychologist. You can also participate in our life insurance package.

Relocation Pack.

It doesn’t matter where you are. We’ll help. We’ll provide support in every aspect of your relocation, such as taking care of formalities and acclimatization. No probs, that’s what we’re here for.

Excellent remuneration.

We offer competitive remuneration based on your skills and experience accompanied by the company stock scheme. Ready to join us?

Flexible working hours.

At TSG, we have flexible working hours. It is up to you when you start and finish, but we do have fixed hours between 10:00 and 15:00. At the moment, given the current circumstances, we have an individual and flexible approach to your working hours.

Bags of fun.

Let’s just put it all together so that you won’t get bored: company trips, flexible working hours, regular team-building meetings, charity and sports events, a professional, fun and safe workplace to name a few. Oh, and there’s also something very hard to describe – our unique atmosphere at work, you’ll cherish every day. We’re sure you’ll love it here.

Being in shape.

As we like to be fit, we will offer you a Multisport card, but that’s not all! We like to motivate ourselves through company sports challenges, we race in running events, and after work, we stretch out with yoga. During remote work, we launched online exercise platforms and dance lessons, so if you like to be fit, you will fit our team!