Feel our vibe.

We think that the recruitment process doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s why we do our very best to make it as smooth as peanut butter. Simple. Straightforward. This is something we’re very proud of.

Our foolproof recruitment process has helped us expand to well over 300 specialists within only a few years. We’ve made it easy-to-digest both for the employees and ourselves.

Are you ready to play? Here is the game:


Level 1 – Mission begins.

After applying for a job with us, you can expect an email acknowledging your candidature and explaining what will happen next.


Level 2 – A challenge.

We’ll ring you to say hi and shed some light on the position you’ve applied for. In most cases, you’ll get a task to complete within a specific deadline. Don’t worry about a thing, though – we’ll tell you everything you need to know to complete the task with no hassle.


Level 3 – Challenge completed.

After submitting your completed task, we’ll get in touch – no matter what the outcome is.


Level 4 – Boss fight.

We’ll meet in person – this is the most exciting part for us. There will be three of us: you, one of our recruitment specialists and the leader of your future team. We’ll chat about the job in more detail. We’ll also be very keen to learn more about you, your experience and what you can bring to our community.


Level 5 – Mission completed!

If your recruitment chat goes well (and we don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t do), we’ll sign a contract and proudly announce that you’ll be joining our ranks. It’s always a very special moment because a new employee’s first day at work means hundreds of doughnuts in the kitchen for everyone. So, we keep our fingers crossed for you.


Level 6 – Taking over.

Settle into your role, complete missions, gain experience and don’t just slide into a corporate routine. Who knows, maybe you will soon become an MVE?

Get ready for the interview.

Here are some tips from our Recru Team

Meet our recru team!

A recruitment professional specializing in executive sourcing and headhunting, currently leading the recruitment team of strong individuals. She searches for candidates for key roles in the company.Diana is an open-minded, positive, smooth-talker, and people person - passionate about her work, and always looking for a perfect match between a candidate and a job.

Diana Kruczkowska-Uszycka,

Recruitment Lead

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Cristina is an all-around seasoned HR professional with a background in executive search and industry experience. She works from Bucharest but that doesn't stop her from often visits in Wrocław.Having a business mindset combined with a human-centric approach, she is always interested in meeting with you.

Cristina Popa,

Senior Recruitment Specialist

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Kamila is a recruiter with a directional background, who gained her HR experience growing with TSG. She is not afraid of challenges, effectively recruiting experienced professionals, but also actively seeks and appreciates young talent. Her skills and passion are a strong combination, and her strategic approach to recruitment allows her to build strong teams.At TSG, she is responsible for various recruitment projects, from Artists to Testers, to Developers or Services staff. Always willing to talk!

Kamila Kudalla,

Recruitment Specialist

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The length of the recruitment process depends on many factors, but we usually try to respond to applications within 2-3 weeks. In the case of an interview, your recruiter will inform you when the feedback will be provided.

Due to our international team of employees, English is the official language of communication at TSG – we require you to communicate in English efficiently, which is checked during the interview. However, whether the interview will be conducted entirely in English depends mostly on the team we are recruiting to and the people invited to the interview. But don't worry – we won't surprise you. If the interview is to be conducted in English, we will inform you about this in advance.

When applying for most positions, you are not required to speak Polish. However, for some roles involving cooperation with Polish-speaking collaborators (e.g., external agencies), knowledge of Polish is necessary.

At TSG, the working hours are flexible. However, we do have fixed hours between 10:00 and 15:00 when employees should generally be available. This makes it easier to plan meetings and cooperate with other employees. At the moment, given the current circumstances and considering potential difficulties related to remote work and remote schooling, we have an individual and flexible approach to your working hours. Nevertheless, any arrangements regarding your working hours should be agreed upon with your immediate supervisor.

We’re currently working in a hybrid work model as we believe that going back to the office brings our potential and creativity to a higher level and also helps us build our outstanding work culture. We’re also flexible when it comes to moving to fully remote work depending on epidemiological circumstances and other factors. In order to ensure that your work at TSG is comfortable, we have modern offices and coworking spaces across Europe, along with comprehensive relocation packages that will make your move easier and less of a hassle.

Apart from the one-time financial support, the relocation package includes support in finding an apartment and choosing the right location, assistance in completing the necessary documents, or arranging visas for both the employee and their family members.

Yes, we run an internship program dedicated mainly to students of faculties related to computer programming. We start recruiting for the program around March – working directly with the relevant faculties of universities such as the Wrocław University of Technology or the University of Wrocław. We also publish the information about the program and the start of recruitment on our social media channels. The internship program runs for 3 months – July to September.

Due to our international team of employees, English is the official language of communication at TSG. This means that communication directed to a group of employees that includes people who don't speak Polish must be conducted in English. However, obviously, in individual conversations with Polish-speaking coworkers, Polish can be used freely.

Depending on your position, we’ll offer you hardware appropriate for your job. We usually offer laptops, desktop computers, and MacBooks. After signing your letter of intent, you’ll receive a list where you’ll be able to choose the best hardware and accessories for your needs. We offer a wide array of licensed software needed for your work, databases, photo banks, and more.

Yes, the applications only cover the position and process for which they have been submitted. If you are interested in another role or the previous process has finished, you must submit another application.