Earth Day 2024: Fishing Clash, Celebrities & Players Unite to ‘MAKE GREEN TUESDAY MOVES’.

22 Apr 24
Author: Nina Grabos
6 minutes

Ten Square Games joins PlanetPlay’s global alliance of amazing games, entertainment influencers and environmental causes for an unprecedented climate change collaboration that harnesses the #PassiveActivism of players.

Ten Square Games, the leader in the outdoor hobbies mobile-game segment with Fishing Clash, is marking Earth Day by joining disruptive NPO PlanetPlay’s groundbreaking new Make Green Tuesday Moves (MGTM) initiative, which will enable both industry and players to make a real-world impact in the fight against climate change.

Ten Square Games and Fishing Clash join SYBO (Subway Surfers), Lockwood Publishing (Avakin Life) and CM Games (Nitro Nation) as proud MGTM launch partners.

On the first Tuesday of each month, starting June 4th 2024, Ten Square Games and all other participating studios will launch a ‘green’ item (or bundle of items) within their game(s) that will be exclusive to the MGTM movement, remaining live until the next monthly activation begins.

The inaugural MGTM will see proceeds from the sale of in-game items – which can comprise new and/or upcycled DLC goods such as characters, costumes and objects – invested into fully certified sustainability projects by not-for-profit digital platform PlanetPlay. 

Throughout the year a number of the MGTM activations will be supported by a ‘Star of the Month’ from the world of entertainment, supported by a huge social media campaign, helping to inspire gamers all around the world to ‘Make Green Tuesday Moves’.

The first wave of MGTM partner studios have over 36 million daily players1, with games that have been played over 4 billion times2, estimated at 400m monthly active users.

All gamers need to do is harness their #PassiveActivism, by continuing to play the games they love – including Fishing Clash! –, with no change in style or habit required to contribute to amazing sustainability causes.

PlanetPlay’s in-game green activations also generate proven uplift for studio partners across multiple commercial and engagement metrics.

A previous collaboration between PlanetPlay and Ten Square Games for the widely-played Fishing Clash resulted in an engaging in-game event, rallying 50,000 users and raising €20,000 for the WAI Wanaka water conservation project in New Zealand.

Among other sustainability causes supported by PlanetPlay include the Hongera Project, which aims to help over 150,000 families in Kenya improve their living conditions by manufacturing and distributing clean cookstoves to local communities.

Fishing Clash, one of the world’s most popular 3D fishing simulators, is available on Android & iOS devices. To learn more about Fishing Clash, click here.

PlanetPlay is a not-for-profit digital platform that allows players around the world to contribute to climate action through in-game purchases and gameplay with affiliated game studios.

In the coming months, PlanetPlay will unveil more exciting Green Tuesday partnerships with game makers, fashion brands and music industries.

For more information about PlanetPlay and Make Green Tuesday Moves, click here.

To download Make Green Tuesday Moves media assets, click here.

Andrzej Ilczuk, CEO at Ten Square Games, said: “This collaboration is particularly close to our hearts, as it ties directly into the themes of nature and conservation found in our Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash games. As the first studio participating in Make Green Tuesday Moves, we firmly believe we can leverage the passion of our players and our creativity to combat climate change. This is a powerful example of how games can go beyond entertainment and foster a positive impact on the environment.”

Rhea Loucas, Founder and CEO of PlanetPlay, said: “The need for climate action is more pressing than ever, and the games industry is one of the most powerful agents to spark real-world change. Our founding MGTM partners boast some of the most popular games in the world right now, enabling us to collectively engage with global fanbases to help raise environmental awareness and fund great sustainability causes.”

Jose Cranfield, Education Lead at WAI Wānaka, said: “The funding from PlanetPlay has amplified our project from a small community level citizen science project to provide publishable research on microplastics. It’s given us a way to attract researchers to the region and to produce a method that can now be reliably shared across the country making our data comparable to others doing similar research in their catchments. The funding has allowed us to reach a larger audience and communicate our message through storytelling, at cinemas, at events and in the classroom.”


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About PlanetPlay

PlanetPlay, the first climate conscious games marketplace, is a not-for-profit digital platform that allows everyone around the world to contribute to climate action through in-game purchases and gameplay with affiliated game studios. PlanetPlay is a unique platform through which to inspire, educate and mobilize players in support of the planet. They are committed to unlocking the potential of green initiatives through the Games Industry. The games industry has enormous potential to support positive climate action globally. Having driven over $2.2 million in climate project funding in its first year, PlanetPlay is partnering with the world’s forward thinking games studios to fight the climate crisis and are constantly developing new initiatives to launch. For more information, visit

About Ten Square Games

The Ten Square Games Group is one of the largest Polish producers of mobile games in the free-to-play model and the leader in the outdoor hobbies mobile-game segment (fishing and hunting). Its team consists of 330 people working in studios in Wrocław and Warsaw. Ten Square Games S.A. has acquired the Rortos studio in Verona, as well as a minority stake in the Krakow Gamesture studio. The Group’s portfolio includes, among others: Fishing Clash, one of the world’s most popular 3D fishing simulators, Hunting Clash, a realistic hunting simulator, as well as Airline Commander, one of the most recognizable flight simulators, and Wings of Heroes, which premiered globally in October 2022. For more information, visit

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