Hunting Clash: a new dimension of competition with the hunter trophy collection feature.

25 Jun 24
Author: Nina Grabos
4 minutes

Hunting Clash introduces a new, exciting feature closely tied to the game’s main theme, further connecting it to the real world of hunting. With this update, hunters will have the chance to collect materials during their hunts, with their achievements visible in the form of a cup in the player rankings. These new competitive elements are another step in the development of the game’s monetization and competition systems.

Early 2024 brought significant changes to Hunting Clash. In the first quarter of 2024, the game underwent the largest update since its launch, changing the main competition system and paving the way for new monetization systems. The latest update continues this work by introducing a feature that allows players to collect trophies from hunts and showcase their achievements in the form of a cup visible in their rankings. The rank of the cup depends on the difficulty level of the challenges during which players had the chance to earn trophies, adding prestige and distinguishing players with the best achievements.

Jakub Noganowicz, Product Owner of Hunting Clash, highlights the importance of these changes:
“- The introduction of new features is a natural extension of the game’s main theme. They make the game more dynamic and engaging. Every player, regardless of their ranking position, has equal chances to obtain valuable materials, which strongly engages players in competition. This new element not only fits seamlessly with the game’s theme but also adds a new, additional dimension beyond just hunting, bringing the gameplay experience even closer to real-world hunting. Additionally, it integrates with the ecosystem of other systems in the game to enhance the monetization of Hunting Clash.

The latest feature adds an extra dimension to hunting beyond the act itself. Players, just like in the real world, have a chance to get materials from the hunted animal f.ex. horns or skin. After collecting a certain number of materials, players will be able to document their achievements in the form of a cup. To earn a trophy, the player must activate accumulated or purchased buffs during the game, influencing the dynamics of their usage and ultimately their purchase. The type of cup will depend on the difficulty of the tasks related to materials collection. Currently, the team has prepared the possibility of earning a cup for collected trophies, e.g., during time-limited events or for using the most buffs in the game.

Every player, regardless of their ranking position, will have equal chances to collect materials – depending on whether this option is available in a given event. This should encourage more active participation in the game. To earn a trophy, the player will have to hunt with an active buff. To increase the speed of collecting materials or their number in the collection, players will need to complete more hunts or use the multihunt mechanic, which increases the number of materials obtained during a hunt.

“- The latest feature, in addition to introducing a new dimension of competition, brings in a significant element of chance, characteristic for casino games and beloved by our players. Each player faces the same opportunity to hunt an animal and collect materials, with the outcome influenced by their actions. It’s up to the player to decide how to maximize their benefits.” adds Jakub Noganowicz.

Hunting Clash, released in 2020, is the second-largest game by Ten Square Games S.A. It is the most realistic hunting simulator among mobile games, with over 70 million downloads. The game brings the hunting experience to your phone screen without harming wildlife, offering breathtaking graphics and exciting hunting scenarios.

About Ten Square Games S.A.: 

Ten Square Games Group is a leading developer of free-to-play mobile games. The company employs approximately 330 professionals working in studios located in Wrocław and Verona. The TSG Group’s portfolio includes titles such as Fishing Clash – one of the most popular 3D fishing simulators in the world, Hunting Clash – a realistic hunting simulator, Airline Commander – a flight simulator, and Wings of Heroes, which had its global premiere in October 2022. Founded in 2011, Ten Square Games debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2018.

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