Who is who in the mobile gamedev world?.

16 Apr 18
4 minutes

Average mortals think that the world of game makers is made of kittens and unicorns and once you get there, you’ll live happily ever after. But the truth is a little bit darker. If you get to this mythical “promised land”, you’ll have to face challenges philosophers have not dreamed of. Here’s a short description of key functions in this mythical world.

Game designer is a dream job for many young people. Is there anything better in the world than making up fantasy stories and making games based on them?
Unfortunately, the reality is more brutal. Of course, one of the main tasks of game designers is adapting game concept, but it’s only on of their jobs. Creating a logical strategy is one thing, but there are many more things on the list, such as coming up with new ways of monetization or income optimization. Analytic thinking and creativity is very important for this position (because in-game mechanisms must be simple and logical). You don’t need to be a programmer or graphic designer to become a game designer. However, knowledge about these thing makes it easier for the game designer to communicate with the rest of the team. He has to organize the workflow of other specialists. He needs to do it to make his game concept happen. If you want to become a game designer, you must keep creating above all! Everyone who’s interested in the topic should read this article: BOOKS YOU SHOULD READ IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A GAME DESIGNER!

Game tester is another legendary “dream job” for many people. You play and play and play! Sounds like a paradise for every nerd! Unfortunately, the reality is far from your idealized images. Indeed, you need to gain XP and do tasks but sometimes you have to play the game dozens of times to find all the problems. Moreover, you need to make reports and estimation of problems you find. Doesn’t sound fun anymore, right? Those brave people who would like to become a tester need to know that it’s not a job for chaotic people. It’s a job for discerning, precise people who find mistakes easily. Future testers should also know basics of programming and game making industry which would make it easier to cooperate with programmers and the rest of the team.

Game developer is a proud sounding name. He’s a silent hero present in every game making process. Game developer, in other words, is a programmer who merges everything that’s been created by graphic designers and game designers into a well working project. Those who want to become a game developer have to know a few programming languages, be precise and creative. If you are a programmer and would like to create mythical creatures and dark lands, game developer is a job for you.

UI designers are wizards who make playing games easy and intuitive. For those who think that’s an easy and nice job we have a bad news – it is not. Making a good game project is connected with merging many graphic designs into one working organism. The person who is responsible for UI has to understand how the interface works in the game and to have a good sense of aesthetics. It’s a perfect job for people who are meticulous and have a unique ability of logical thinking because there’s no space for chaos here.

Community managers are links between two worlds. They are like mediators who make the communication between players and developers possible. They are the most patient people in the universe. They are endless sources of empathy and understanding. They prepare communication strategies and create all kinds of content. If you want to become a community manager, you need to be patient and creative.

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