Bringing Immersive Real-Life Adventure to the Virtual Realm: Hunting Clash and Beretta Forge Unprecedented Partnership.

04 Dec 23
Author: Nina Grabos
4 minutes

In a historic collaboration that merges the virtual thrill of gaming with the tangible excitement of outdoor adventures, Ten Square Games (TSG), proudly announces an exclusive partnership with Beretta, the esteemed global leader in firearms and outdoor products. This venture marks Beretta’s first foray into the mobile gaming world and a totally new format of in game events for Hunting Clash.

Hunting Clash, one of TSG’s flagship titles renowned for its stunning graphics and lifelike depictions of global hunting locations and wildlife, will take an innovative leap by seamlessly integrating Beretta products into the virtual world. Beretta, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation since 1526, brings centuries of expertise to the collaboration, elevating the gaming experience by infusing it with the authenticity of real-world adventure.

Throughout December, Hunting Clash will host almost a month-long event branded with Beretta’s logo. The players will be able to seamlessly integrate an array of Beretta products, including hunting firearms but also clothing, accessories and many other items, into their virtual hunting adventures. It will allow them to test the real-world gear used by outdoor enthusiasts and hunters during the in-game events prepared by the Hunting Clash team. On the other hand, the Beretta brand’s fans will have a unique opportunity to test Beretta’s gear in multiple environments and conditions in dedicated virtual events. 

– At TSG, we’ve always aimed to deliver engaging experiences that resonate with our players’ passion for the great outdoors. Our partnership with Beretta allows us to elevate the gaming experience by introducing their iconic products, helping players immerse into wildlife and embark on exciting adventures.- comments Andrzej Ilczuk, CEO of Ten Square Games Group.

The collaboration echoes TSG’s successful venture with Major League Fishing (MLF) earlier this year, where Fishing Clash, another flagship title by TSG, hosted daily MLF-branded events on Saginaw Bay. This innovative partnership brought the mobile gaming competition to life, allowing players to compete in real-time with MLF pros on the same waters.

This partnership signifies Beretta’s recognition of TSG’s prominence in the simulation and hobby segment of gaming industry and the global reach of its titles – leaders in fishing and hunting on mobile phones. The esteemed brand, present in the market since the 16th century, is making a strategic move by aligning with the leading mobile gaming developer in hunting experiences. Hunting Clash, has been downloaded over 41 million times so far worldwide which provides Beretta with great opportunity to reach a new group of outdoor adventures with their products.

– We are extremely happy and excited to partner with TSG on this project. Beretta has always paid much attention to tradition but at the same time embraced innovation. It is a constant effort for us to find new ways to communicate and engage with our passionate clients, and at the same time involve all generations of hunters. This is a perfect example of how much we believe in the digital world and all the strategic initiatives that will represent the Company’s future – states Carlo Gussalli Beretta, Digital Project Manager.

As TSG, once again joins forces with a global brand, the partnership promises to seamlessly blend virtual excitement with the authentic experience of discovering wildlife and embarking on thrilling adventures enjoying the best quality gear produced by Beretta.

About Ten Square Games Group: 

Ten Square Games Group is one of the largest Polish producers of mobile games in the free-to-play model and a leader in the outdoor hobbies mobile-game segment. With over 330 professionals working in studios in Wrocław and Warsaw. TSG’s portfolio includes world-renowned titles such as Fishing Clash, Hunting Clash, Airline Commander and Wings of Heroes.

About Beretta: 

Founded in 1526 in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy) by the Beretta Family, who has now been leading the company for 15 generations, Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. is an international manufacturer of commercial firearms, military weapons and products designed for outdoor sports such as hunting, competition, and tactical shooting.

Beretta operates in the world to support outdoors lovers, defense and law enforcement officers, providing them with a complete ecosystem (firearms, clothing, accessories and services) and featuring the most modern technologies, assembly lines, quality control and local highly qualified workers, who hand down the Italian tradition of gun-smithing since the Reinassance. 

All this represents an irreplaceable asset to achieve the degree of accuracy and quality that made Beretta a world-renowned brand.

This collaboration with TSG marks Beretta’s inaugural entry into the mobile gaming world, underscoring its dedication to exploring new frontiers while maintaining the integrity of its renowned brand.

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