Dive into a Virtual Winter Wonderland: Ten Square Games Unwraps Festive Fun in Christmas Extravaganza Across Top Games.

19 Dec 23
Author: Nina Grabos
6 minutes

As the festive spirit descends, Ten Square Games is set to enchant players worldwide with a variety of Christmas events, surprises, and endless fun across flagship games such as Fishing Clash, Hunting Clash, and Wings of Heroes. Elevating the experience, TSG invites players to feel the magic of the holiday season within the game, complemented by exclusive offerings in the TSG Store. As a special token of gratitude, TSG is taking celebrations beyond the virtual realm by sending real presents to the most engaged players.

With its realistic gameplay and stunning 3D graphics, Fishing Clash has secured its place as a fan favorite, providing a captivating experience for millions of players. As the holiday season unfolds, Fishing Clash is set to amplify the excitement with a series of Christmas events, turning virtual waters into a winter spectacle. 

Till December 25th, Fishing Clash players are in for a treat with the Advent Calendar. Logging in daily rewards them with 2 Bingo Balls, which can be used at the Bingo Table for power-ups, gold, lure packs, and rod packs. Completing the entire table unlocks an exclusive winter-themed frame.From December 25th, the players will be able to celebrate the season with the Christmas-themed Battle Pass, featuring free and premium routes filled with special vanities and extra content. 

Since December 18th the fans of Fishing Clash can experience the holiday spirit with special offers featuring discounts tailored for every player. These exclusive deals will be featured on Google Play platform until December 26th, they will be also available on Apple Store. Even more attractive offers are awaiting for players in TSG Store.

Between December 20th and December 26th, Danube River fishery will undergo a festive makeover, turning into the Christmas-themed Lake Bled. Thanks to that the players will be able to explore special fish and events associated with this winter wonderland. The Fishing Clash team also prepared a special treat for most loyal players. Players at level 50 and above will witness a festive transformation of the Fishing Village also between December 20th and December 26th, complete with a Christmas Tree and snow-covered scenery. Live events tied to upgrading the Christmas Village and Pro Baits will add to the holiday excitement. 

Hunting Clash – a leader in mobile hunting experience joins the festive celebrations. Players of Hunting Clash can embrace the holiday hunt with special gingerbread animals starting from December 19th. These festive creatures can be encountered in designated locations, starting with the gingerbread wildcat in Namibia, and then going to gingerbread fox in Montana, gingerbread wolf in Burma, gingerbread moose in Yukon, culminating with a Bizon and additional surprise creature appearance in Kamchatka on December 25th.

Wings of Heroes, the youngest game in TSG’s portfolio, has also prepared for this unique time of the year, celebrating its second Christmas so far. Since December 1st, Wings of Heroes users can unlock daily free gifts in the game, primarily consisting of in-game currency, facilitating faster progress. Additionally, thanks to the game system upgrade carried out in previous months, Wings of Heroes will feature Live Ops events every day, providing fans with ample excitement. Among them, three weekly events and a main event starting on December 22nd and lasting until New Year offer users a chance to unlock a new airplane. Each event centers around a specific game mode, requiring players to accomplish a series of tasks for a final reward. For the first time, players can track their progress on leaderboards, aiding them in successfully completing all tasks to become the top pilot for the specific event. Moreover, during in-game events in December, two new airplanes will be released. Additionally, during this holiday season, players can celebrate the festive time with a special Premium Xpass, unlocking higher rewards and advancing their progress in the game.

The team at Wings of Heroes, the youngest game in Ten Square Games Group’s portfolio, has also prepared special treats for players while celebrating its second Christmas. Starting December 1, Wings of Heroes players can unlock free in-game gifts every day, among which they will find mainly aircraft parts and boosters that will help them progress faster in the game. In addition, thanks to the update of the main systems in the game carried out in previous months, the Wings of Heroes team has prepared a set of events, providing fans of the game with plenty of additional excitement. These include three events (each lasting a week) and a major holiday attraction starting on December 22nd and lasting until the New Year. Participation in them gives users a chance to unlock new aircrafts. Each event is centered around a specific game mode and requires players to complete a series of tasks to win the main prize.

Players will also be able to keep track of their progress in the rankings, which will bring them closer to their goal of becoming the best pilot in a given event. What’s more, the game will be enhanced with two new aircrafts in December. In addition, during the holiday season, players will be able to enjoy a special edition Battle Pass (Xpass Premium), which unlocks higher rewards and accelerates progress in the game.

Exclusive TSG Store Christmas Offers 

Ten Square Games prepared an even more attractive Christmas offer for players of Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash in TSG Store to make the experience in games during this special time even more festive. They are available directly at TSG Store.

Special Gifts 

During this holiday season Ten Square Games as a token of appreciation awards its most engaged players with exclusive gifts ranging from rods, spirits, caps, knives, and more. The unique gifts  will be dispatched to 200 players who have made TSG games truly special.

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About Ten Square Games 

The Ten Square Games Group is one of the largest Polish producers of mobile games in the free-to-play model and the leader in the outdoor hobbies mobile-game segment (fishing and hunting). Its team consists of approximately 330 people working in studios in Wrocław and Warsaw. Ten Square Games S.A. has acquired the Rortos studio in Verona, as well as a minority stake in the Krakow Gamesture studio. The Group’s portfolio includes, among others: Fishing Clash, one of the world’s most popular 3D fishing simulators, Hunting Clash, a realistic hunting simulator, as well as Airline Commander, one of the most recognizable flight simulators, and Wings of Heroes, which premiered globally in October 2022.

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