COMPO: a creative marathon for game maniacs.

02 Mar 15
2 minutes

Last weekend another edition of COMPO took place in the TSG headquarters. This time our developers, game designers, graphic designers and their friends from outside TSG combined their forces with Tk Games, a scientific circle from the Wrocław University of Technology, in order to create games in only 48 hours. Take a look at the final products of their imagination!

Google Cardboard Camera

  • Creators: Marta Fijak, Joanna Kizińska
  • Description: the gameplay focuses on taking photos during a party – the more vivid situations you capture, the better!

Finger of Death Minotaur Treasure Adventure

  • Developers and game designers: Krzysztof Bobnis, Tomasz Trzaska, Maciej Golec
  • Game designer, graphic designer: Przemek Solski
  • Music: Michał Skrzypczyński
  • Description:  the game takes place in the mythical Minotaur’s Maze. The objective is to kill the people before the Minotaur manages to get to them.

Zombie Night

  • Creators: Marek Ozimina, Marcin Bugała
  • Description: a tower defense type of game for two players designed for tablets.

Hydra Battles


  • Creators: Paweł Murias, Marcin Krzoska, Michał Szurma, Mateusz Osowski
  • Download:
  • Description: the player becomes a shark of the skies – a cruel but noble creature endowed with a power of shooting laser beams. The objective is to kill those who erect totems of anarchy for the God of Dung.

Rhythm Fighter

Farmer Simulator

  • Creators: Jakub Kozerski, Magdalena Ponarad, Krzysztof Wolski
  • Description: a set of simple mini-games that use the Leap Motion technology. The player becomes a farmer who has to deal with various farm works, such as cow milking or pig riding.

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