Crystal Canvas Rookies.


Crystal Canvas Rookies is a digital international contest for emerging artists. The name Crystal Canvas refers to turning to other media for expression: from traditional canvas to the liquid one, the crystal display. Digital painting used in design and promotion of mobile games, combining the world of art and technology, broadens the discussion of image as a medium for expression and content. With this contest, we would like to draw emerging artists’ attention to mobile games and the almost unlimited possibilities they generate. Especially with the theme you can read more about below.

The aim of this competition is to promote art created with the use of digital techniques, as well as to attract attention to the fact that mobile games are a form of modern art themselves. They are not only a commercial phenomenon but can also be of artistic and philosophical nature.

The unique phenomenon that firmly developed on account of games is concept drawing. For a long time traditional drawing also had not been recognized as an independent form of visual art. Drawings were made to encapsulate the artist’s idea on a sketch in preparation for a painting or a sculpture. Similarly, nowadays, concept art is the introduction and the basis for developing the real games assets; it designs the atmosphere, the characters and the environment of the virtual world. Those elements will affect gamers emotionally or even physically, as they identify themselves with games’ heroes.

All assets on this page have been created by artists working at Ten Square Games. The author of the three characters leading the contest’s designs is Adrianna Foryś, one of the jurors. The rest comes from our live titles.

If you want to learn more about the amazing animals, the history of the expedition to Siberia, or strictly learn how Ten Square Games creates the art in the games – read our article.

THEME: Myths and Legends.

And with that you can compete in two categories:


You can create one character, inspired by the theme of the contest. It can be an animal, a human character or an imaginary one. The main thing is to surprise the jury with your interpretation.


Let your imagination run wild and create an environment whose fantasy will make the viewer sink in and best convey the cultural aspect of where you come from.

Literature, sculpture, painting and even games based on them stimulate our senses to this day. For the contest task, show us a piece of myth or legend from a place you come from or identify with. Show a piece of the world in a way no one has ever put it before.

Provide a design for a character or environment that interprets that myth or legend. Be sure to include a description of your work in the contest folder.

The contest is aimed at emerging artists, because we believe that in this group lies the most potential and a large deck of talent. In turn, the small number of similar challenges aimed at them makes Crystal Canvas Rookies a good place to test their skills.


They will oversee the level of the competition and select the winners based on: originality and atmosphere, quality of execution and, of course, compliance with the theme.

Tsvetelin Krastev is a Freelance Concept Designer, Matte Painter and Art Director specialising in Film, Games, TV and commercials. Within his 10-year experience, he has been part of various projects spanning from small to big productions contributing to projects such as “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”, “Hellboy 3”, “The Division 2”. Having a solid background in Film, Games, he handles different aspects of production, from the script and rough concept sketches to finalized visuals. Working closely with Production Designers, Directors and Art Directors assisting them in achieving their creative vision. His clients include Disney Studios, Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Legendary, and Creative Assembly.

Tsvetelin Krastev

Concept Designer & Matte Painter

Adrianna Foryś is a digital artist who specializes in stylised 2D art. She has over 7 years of experience in the video games industry during which she was involved in the production of over 20 mobile titles. She has worked in TSG since 2020 in the positions of 2D Lead and Senior Concept Artist. Her area of expertise is everything that involves 2D art - from concepts to final illustrations, including characters, backgrounds and props designs. In private - plant lover and traditional media explorer.

Adrianna Foryś

Senior 2D Artist / Ten Square Games

David Mullich is an accomplished game designer and producer best known for managing product development for EduWare Services and its line of core curriculum tutorials and intellectually-stimulating games, including the cult-classic 1980 "The Prisoner" and directing The 3DO Company's "Heroes of Might & Magic" development team for 5 years, producing 2 best-selling AAA titles and several expansions. In 1987, David was hired as the first game producer at The Walt Disney Company, where he produced “DuckTales: The Quest for Gold” for personal computers and “DuckTales” for the NES. He also formed his own company, Electric Transit, which developed 3D simulations in collaboration with NASA/JPL scientists and was Electronic Arts' first affiliated label publisher. David also led the Game Production degree program at The Los Angeles Film School. He is currently a Game Producer at CineMoiWorld and Game Design Adjunct Professor at Art Center College of Design.

David Mullich

Game Designer & Producer

Alexandra Lison is an art curator, visual artist, a video games researcher, and member of competition juries. In 2015 she graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Art University in Poznan, where she achieved the Rector scholarship and gained a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Her digital collage has been included in the Uniqlo Tate Lates: Dora Maar and was displayed at Tate Modern London.Alexandra is passionate about examining and promoting digital art. In 2018 she started the Crystal Canvas Prize project that takes place at the Poznan Game Arena and Game Industry Conference. In 2022 she joined Ten Square Games where she is the curator of the Crystal Canvas Rookies.

Alexandra Lison

Digital Art Curator & Promoter

Michał Pilch is a self-taught 3D generalist, concept artist and animator. Started his creative journey in 2017 as a graphic designer in a marketing company and learned techniques required to work in the game/movie industry along the way. He had a chance to work with industry-leading artists and some unannounced tv-series.Michał is really passionate about Japanese animation and cinematography. Always looking for workflow improvement and searching for industry solutions in unsolved problems (like emulating traditional 2D animation look in 3D).

Michał Pilch

Senior 3D Graphic Designer / Ten Square Games

Story artist at Ten Square Games, an illustrator in free time. Graduated from Tadeusz Makowski School of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland, with a diploma in graphic techniques. Passionate about storytelling and cinematography.She loves sketching and especially gesture drawing as a way of expressing emotions and drafting ideas. After work, she mainly cuddles with her senior dog, works out and embarrasses herself in the mirror while trying to dance.

Alex Pieniążek

Storyboard Artist / Ten Square Games


Character design


Malwina Werner – “Elga”


Artur Michta – “Licho”


Liza Daragenskaya – “Firebird”

Honorable Mention

Aleksandra Machoń – “Civil war is coming”

Honorable Mention

Katarzyna Lorens – “Bies”

Honorable Mention

Matheo Delalle-Putniković – “Folharal”

Honorable Mention

Samuel Wenkman – “The Hodag Legend”

Environment design


Nasiha Hasić – “Watermill”


Mamiantsa Rasoanaivo – “The mysterious mountain of Ambondrombe”


Yuichi Hisada

Honorable Mention

Daria Fiedulova – “Fimbulvetr”

Honorable Mention

Dario Uroić – “Lotrščak Tower”

Honorable Mention

Elizaveta Menshikova – “The Golden Idol”

Honorable Mention

Mateusz Witkowski – “Giant”

Important information.

❕New deadline: 01.03.2023 ❕

Results: 10.03.2023 at 12:00 PM CET




Please attach one .zip file with:

⎼ board with concept sketches (max 72dpi .jpg)
⎼ final illustration (max 72dpi .jpg)
⎼ a description of the myth/legend along with a description of their artistic interpretation (.docx file)




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Portfolio consultation with an artist from Ten Square Games