Investing in the young – the Children’s University.

27 May 15
2 minutes

The Children’s University is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide education for children between 6 and 14 years of age outside their regular school classes. The University’s mission is to instil passion for discovering the world in kids and to help them cultivate their talents. Classes are held in four major cities in Poland, Wrocław being one of them.

The organization recognize the need for unconventional and modern teaching methods, especially considering the differences in upbringing and habits between the new generation (the first one to have been born and raised in the Internet era!) and the older ones. The University wants to encourage children to ask questions and not to take the ready-made answers for granted. The University favour empirical methods and practical activities rather than boring lectures in which children might fail to participate.

Our developer, Marcin, has been participating in the programme since September last year. It’s the second semester he’s been teaching the kids how to make games. One semester consists of 4 classes, 2 hours each, during which the kids meet at the TSG headquarters and actively participate in the game development process.

During the current semester the students managed to develop a game (with a little help from Marcin 😉 ) – the Paradise Island. It’s an Angry Birds inspired game, which takes place on a remote island. But no need to describe it further, take a look yourself:

We think it’s safe to say that the children have shown some huge amount of talent. Our developers better start catching up with the latest programming trends if they don’t want to be replaced by the young very soon!

It’s not the first time TSG are involved with Kids’ University and certainly not the last – a year ago our developer, Michalis, taught children how to make 3D graphics with the Blender software, and next semester yet another colleague of ours is going to show off his mentoring skills 😉 We can’t wait to see these children grow up and conquer the gamedev world! We hope that at least some of them will choose TSG as their workplace.

The official website of the Children University –

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