Wings of Heroes climbs to new heights with latest game-changing update.

26 Apr 24
Author: Nina Grabos
4 minutes

Wings of Heroes, the acclaimed World War II multiplayer mobile game, embarks on its next chapter with a major update introduced by Ten Square Games. This expansion includes a highly anticipated squadron feature, along with liveries, significantly enhancing the social dynamics and gameplay experience as the game continues to evolve and captivate players worldwide.

Wings of Heroes offers an immersive experience where players engage in 5v5 real-time aerial battles using iconic aircraft from the World War II era, such as the high performing Spitfire and the A-36, known for its excellent diving capabilities. Set in locations inspired by historical battle sites, players can choose between fighters or bombers, collaborating to master the skies and claim victory.

Since its global launch in October 2022, ‘Wings of Heroes’ has demonstrated strong potential and continues to evolve to lead its category. In 2023 the development works were concentrated on monetization and progression systems. Rortos team working on this title was significantly strengthened with experts from Ten Square Games. As a result, a new LiveOps system was built, replacing the initial framework to refine monetization strategies and enhance player retention. Alongside, the game saw the introduction of leaderboards, fostering greater competition and initiating community building. Concurrently, dedicated projects aimed specifically at improving technical performance were undertaken, ensuring a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. These comprehensive efforts have significantly enriched the overall player experience. The latest update of the game concentrates on enriching the social layer of the game and increasing players’ engagement with the title.

The impressive initial KPIs underscore the game’s growth potential. Our efforts last year have set the stage for their sustainable growth and heightened players’ engagement. Given the positive results of our development efforts we’ve seen in the second half of 2023 and early 2024, we are ramping up our marketing efforts to expand the game’s reach. – stated Andrzej Ilczuk, CEO of Ten Square Games S.A.

The new squadron feature is a cornerstone of this update. A club-like system promotes community building and sustained engagement through social collaboration. Players can create or join squadrons, communicate via chat, and compete in leaderboards, celebrating both individual and group achievements based on cumulative members’ trophies.

The update also introduces the squadron chest, a collaborative mode where players unite to achieve common goals and unlock rewards, promoting teamwork and enhancing game involvement. This innovative feature allows squadrons to work together to complete tasks such as defeating enemy planes or winning battles. As these goals are achieved, the squadron chest upgrades, increasing in value and benefits. Once the chest reaches its maximum level or the allocated time expires, every contributing member gains the opportunity to claim their rewards from it. This feature not only incentivizes teamwork but also boosts the game’s engagement by intertwining social and gameplay elements. 

Furthermore, the liveries feature allows players to customize aircraft appearances, enriching visual engagement and personal expression. Linked to limited-time events, this feature adds an element of exclusivity and desirability, encouraging active participation and ongoing involvement in the game’s community.

The plane simulation segment in mobile gaming is ripe with opportunity. With no dominant title in the market, we see a significant chance for ‘Wings of Heroes’ to secure a substantial market share and establish a strong presence.- Andrzej Ilczuk added.

Wings of Heroes was developed by Rortos, an Italian studio acquired by Ten Square Games on June 30, 2021. Known for its expertise in flight simulations, Rortos has created successful titles like Airline Commander, Extreme Landings and Real Flight Simulator. The studio was founded in 2011 by Roberto Simonetto, and merged with Reludo Games in 2018, bringing in Antonio Farina as CEO.


About Ten Square Games:
Ten Square Games is a leading developer of free-to-play mobile games. The company employs about 330 professionals working in studios located in Wrocław and Verona. TSG’s portfolio includes titles such as Fishing Clash – one of the most popular 3D fishing simulators in the world, Hunting Clash – a realistic hunting simulator, Airline Commander – a flight simulator, and Wings of Heroes, which had its global premiere in October 2022. Founded in 2011, Ten Square Games went public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2018.

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