history - Ten Square Games - one of the biggest mobile games development company in Poland


Ten Square Games team was founded by Maciej Popowicz and Arkadiusz Pernal, creators of a successful nationwide social media portal – Nasza Klasa (nk.pl). Thanks to numerous years of experience in running a social media site, the company’s founders have gained competence in IT management and noticed the potential of F2P games. Based on the conclusions from observation of user behavior on the portal, in the first years of operation they decided to focus mainly on games played via social media. Starting in 2015, the company focused on creating and developing mobile games exclusively.

Our Birth..


Ten Square Games is born.


Our first baby – Let's Fish is born (we've mentioned our very brief childhood:) )


Our first-born becomes famous with millions of players worldwide. Its parents are bursting with pride and joy.


Let's Fish launches on mobile devices, reaching many new players.


The Game Factory Model is launched along with new games.


The Game Factory starts to bring revenue.


Fishing Clash is born, and the Mango team is established to start developing new products.


Ten Square Games is on the Stock Exchange Market.


Hunting Clash is born – the aim is to create realistic animation to deliver unforgettable adventures.


Fishing Clash breaks into TOP 50 biggest games in the world on Android!
A new studio is being opened in Warsaw.
Three new games are globally launched: Hunting Clash, Solitales, and Flip This House

Future in progress ...