7 benefits of fishing.

07 May 18
3 minutes

Fishing is a pastime considered by many as boring and bringing no health benefits. In spite of appearances, spending time in the fresh air with a fishing rod has more benefits than you think. Here are 7 reasons why you should go fishing next weekend.

1. You’ll become an oasis of patience
Sitting by the water and waiting for a fish to bite often takes a lot of time and is undoubtedly monotonous. Sometimes you have to wait for a few hours before you catch anything. That’s why fishing is frustrating to some people, especially when they fail to catch anything and go home empty-handed. To avoid such situations, you should treat fishing as meditation with a rod. Even the most hot-headed people shouldn’t have a problem with that. Nothing can help you soothe your nerves better than being alone in the bosom of nature.

2. Adventure!
Contrary to a popular opinion, fishing is a sport for active people and a great pretext for traveling. Looking for fisheries and unique species of fish is a good excuse to explore the Amazon jungle or visit Iceland. Nothing will stop a true angler from catching a dream fish!

3. Better balance!

If you think that catching a fish is a simple process of reeling it in and standing in the sun, you probably know nothing about fishing. Even a tiny catch may require a lot of effort not to lose one’s balance. The good news is that each time when you catch a fish, you also improve your balancing skills.

4. Something for your health

Sitting in the sun for a long time guarantees an extra portion of vitamin D. The right amount of vitamin D has a good influence on your nervous and muscle system. It also prevents hypertension and colds. Of course, before you go out in the sun, remember to put on a hat and a proper sunblock.;)

5. Spending time with your family

Fishing is a skill very often handed down from generation to generation. It is the elder family members who teach us how to properly bait a hook or hold a rod. Moreover, nothing tightens family bonds more strongly than fishing with your father or son.

6. Something for your body

When you reel in a fish, you need to use neck, arm and leg muscles. All these muscles must be working at the same time. Without a proper warm-up, you can get sore muscles or even an injury. So, in order to avoid the negative side effects of fishing, many anglers do to the gym to strengthen their muscles even though they dislike physical activity.

7. The cure for “sadness“

A lot of psychologists recommend fishing to those who suffer from depression or neurosis. Our bodies automatically relax and calm down while fishing. Sitting alone helps us find our inner peace and distance ourselves from the world.

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