Become a game developer with Unity Boost training.

17 Jun 21
6 minutes

The mobile games sector is one of the industries with the best growth forecasts. According to a Newzoo report, in 2020 alone, the gaming market generated $ 77.2 billion in revenues, and in 2023 it is expected that mobile gaming will exceed the profits generated by console games.

Along with the expansion of the gaming market, the demand for gamedev experts is growing, and among the most sought-after roles are those of Unity and Unity3D Developers.

For programmers, becoming Unity developers can be tempting because of the prospect of more creative work, a chance to create a hit game, and the opportunity to work on the product from A to Z. To convince IT specialists that it is worth joining gamedev and help them in retraining, we have created a comprehensive Unity Boost program. We want to offer experienced programmers the opportunity to change industries under a contract with our company.

Paweł Szpiczakowski, Unity Talent Mentor & Developer Advocate talks with us about the details of the Unity Boost program. 

Ten Square Games is looking for experienced developers and is offering training in Unity. Where did this idea come from?

Paweł Szpiczakowski, Unity Talent Mentor & Developer Advocate: The IT market is a good base for seniors, i.e., people with 7 years of experience. At TSG, we believe that an expert is an expert, no matter what language they code in. We know that good programmers can learn new tools quickly. Since many seniors are motivated by development, taking up new challenges, and experimenting with new solutions, we want to open the door to those who would like to work in gamedev and are ready to branch out into a new industry. With the Unity Boost, they can achieve the transition without having to start their career from scratch. For programmers who decide to join us, we offer a 3-month Unity course and employment afterward.

What is the most significant advantage of this offer?

Paweł: The Unity Boost training program is not only free of charge, but participants also receive market-level remuneration during this time. This allows them to retrain into the gaming industry without worrying about financial aspects.

Who is the Unity Boost offer aimed at?

Paweł: We are addressing our offer to talented and experienced senior developers who would like to work in the gamedev industry. It is an excellent professional opportunity for anyone who wants to do something more creative, to experience an element of fun at work, and who wants to have a real impact on the product. At Ten Square Games, we don’t create software for external partners, so we decide what our products should be. If someone on the team has a good idea, there is a very good chance of it becoming reality. Working with us is an advantageous proposition for programmers interested in more than simply delivering their part of the code. At TSG, everyone can observe how the games live, test various solutions and constantly improve the product based on feedback from the end-users feedback, i.e., the players.

What are the benefits of the training and getting to know Unity?
Paweł: The training provides participants with our know-how on producing games, and our games have proven to be very successful. Our experts have become proficient in Unity through years of creating games, and it is highly specialized knowledge that we will aim to present in a nutshell. We also offer the help of mentors, who are not only experienced but also passionate about games. We hope that they will pass on not only their knowledge but will also infect participants with their love of games.

What does the training include?

Paweł: During the training, we will cover various aspects of game development. Together, we will solve the challenges brought by the production process. The goal of the Unity Boost is to get everyone familiar with the entire game development cycle – from the idea, through the prototype, to publication in the app store. We want every participant to be able to create a fully functional game from scratch, using the most essential Unity systems: physics, UI, particle systems, and animation, as well as optimizing it for appropriate platforms. The entire training is divided into modules, in order to optimally focus on a given aspect of the game. Participants would be introduced to the topic by the lecturer, they will receive training materials, and a final task to complete, e.g., catapult physics. In this way, they will be able to extend and strengthen their knowledge. The training modules would be logically related to each other, with every subsequent module covering and then expanding on the lessons from previous modules. In this way, we can introduce our fledgling Unity developers to create a fully functional mobile game and to become familiar with the systems and functions that would be necessary for their everyday work after the training program.

How is game development different from other software development?

Paweł: Gamedev requires a higher degree of multidisciplinarity. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to know everything, but everyone certainly needs to understand how their part of the work affects the final product, and how it interacts with other pieces of the puzzle, such as graphics and balance, as well as the business perspective. Another difference that programmers who work at TSG often emphasize is that the effect of their work is, in a sense, tangible. The popularity and recognition of our games also give many people the satisfaction of creating a product that is used by millions of people worldwide every day. Another advantage of gamedev is that the results of work can be directly observed and evaluated. We implement changes in a short period of time, so the teams can see how the changes they made to the game turn into player satisfaction and business results. 

How do people apply to the program?

Paweł: It is very simple – anyone can send us their CV through the website. If a candidate looks suitable to participate in the training, we will invite them to an interview to determine whether they will fit our team. In this way, candidates can also get to know Ten Square Games better, so both parties will be satisfied with the conditions of the contract.

What is the scale of the program?

Paweł: As this is a pilot program, we want to start with just 5 participants. This is because we are placing a focus on quality and would prefer a small group in order to better provide each participant with mentoring and consultations with the lecturers. We assume that the people trained in this way will join our teams as well-qualified specialists who are working at the same level as our current developers.

It does not matter which language you code in – we offer the opportunity to retrain and learn Unity under the supervision of experienced specialists. Our offer includes three months of free training, after which you will join us as a Unity Developer. 

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