From one big idea to an even bigger party: how we took over Croatia (for 3 days).

31 Aug 21
3 minutes

The story of Ten Square Games may sound like a fairy tale: from a 10 square meter office in 2011 to one of the top 3 gaming companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2021. Over the past decade, we have moved mountains thanks to the passion that drives our people. Rewarding their daily dedication had to be epic, too. That’s how the idea of renting a private island was born. And it was welcomed very warmly after 18 months of working remotely.

By plane, by bus, and by boat – 400 TSG people from more than 20 European locations traveled almost a thousand kilometers to meet on the magical Obonjan Island, where we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company.

Obonjan is a private enclave on the Croatian Adriatic coast, near Šibenik. This sun-bathed paradise, surrounded by turquoise water, hosted us for three days, offering comfortable glamping (glamour camping) and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and sports activities.

After more than 5 hours of travel, we couldn’t wait to jump into the sea. The first group did it as soon as they got off the ferry! From 20⁰C in Wrocław, south of Poland, to a pleasant 32⁰C – no wonder there was a race to be the first in the water! After lunch, a diving show began! More surprises and activities followed – all while enjoying the island’s mesmerizing beauty. As befits a proper birthday party, there were endless toasts, 50 kg of a delicious, sugar-coated cake, and many sentimental, naughty, and hilarious reminiscences from the past put together in a short video clip featuring both our veteran and newer colleagues. Later still, there was fun and laughter until dawn. 

Those who got up in the morning started the day with a yoga session. The late sleepers enjoyed water sports equipment like SUPs, swam in the sea, snorkeled, or simply relaxed by the pool. There was also an outdoor game that engaged well over 100 people willing to live a real adventure.

After a day full of challenges and excitement, we started the second evening in the amphitheater, where we met the winning team of the field game. They were Quick Chameleons, the team of Kinga Karkoszka, Bartłomiej Piątkiewcz, Jakub Kozak, Łukasz Kulewski, Natalia Misiukiewicz and Tomasz Florek, who won a motorboat ride around the island and PLN 5,000 to be donated to the charity of their choice.

That day, our evening get-together was made even more pleasurable by our company DJs, and the music stopped playing only when the sun rose over the horizon.

On the last day of our trip, we recharged and caught the sun, ready to strive for the next successful 10th anniversary. This is what we wish for ourselves and all our players!

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