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Casual Connect San Francisco 2015: A Wrap-Up.

07 Sep 15
Author: TSG Team
2 minutes

A month ago we had a chance to attend one of the biggest game industry events in the world – Casual Connect USA. It was held in a beautiful city of San Francisco, which added even more glamour to the event.

Casual Connect offered a wonderful possibility to meet with the top specialists in the field, to  exchange ideas with game developers from around the world and to forge new partnerships – all in order to bring even more fun to our players!

We had an insight into the American gaming market – which offered a considerable change of perspective. The American game developers focus much of their attention on mobile, much more than the Europeans. And thus, the big subject matter turned out to be ASO (the App Store Optimization) – looks like the thing that needs developers and product owners to focus on. In a nutshell – ASO is more or less SEO but redesigned for mobile. And it seems to be the key to success in the mobile market with thousands of apps being added to the iOS App Store every month!

Four things we learned at Casual Connect 2015:

  1. ASO is the new SEO – if you want your mobile app to be successful, better learn as much as you can about the App Store Optimization and do it now!
  2. The mobile Market is growing fast, especially in the States and Asia
  3. Filming and gaming industries come together more and more often – partnering with film studios is a recipe for a great hit (e.g. the Kim Kardashian game)
  4. Casual Connect is a great place for young developers (both companies and individuals) – there are a lot of gamedev and marketing veterans from prominent companies (including many from Facebook and Google) who are eager to share their knowledge and experience.

We’re looking forward to the next year’s Causal Connect and other gamedev conferences!

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