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5 reasons why we like flexible working hours.

27 Apr 18
Author: TSG Team
3 minutes

Imagine that you can set up your alarm clock for any hour you want and if you have a bad day, you can work from home. No, we’re not talking about freelancing but about flexible working hours and home office which is more and more popular in companies. Here are 5 advantages of flexible working hours.  

Better relaxation!

Flexible working hours are a great opportunity to bypass the worst traffic jams while driving to work. It’s especially comfortable for people who live in the suburbs. You can get to work faster instead of spending a lot of time in rush hours. If you remove the element of being stuck in traffic jams every day, you save energy for later – you feel more relaxed and motivated.

Choosing the right time

Waking up at 6 AM is a blessing for some people and a curse for others. Flexible working time makes it possible to work at the most convenient time of a day for you. Early birds can start work even at 6.30AM while night owls at 10 AM and finish at 6 PM. Sounds tempting?

No need to worry about bank visits

Flexible working hours enables you to deal with administrative issues in banks or offices which are open only at a specific time (most likely same as your office). In the case of fixed working hours, going to a bank is often connected with a necessity of taking a day off or asking your supervisor to let you finish work early. This causes a lot of stress. If you have flexible working hours, you can easily avoid such stressful situations.

Work-life balance

You want to go to the gym but have to pick up your kid from preschool at 4 PM? Flexible working time makes it possible for you to manage your time without resigning from any of your plans. Thanks to good time management, work wouldn’t be a problem which makes you resign from “something”. Flexible working time is a perfect way to combine your hobby, private life, and career.

Flexibility not for everyone

Not everyone can use a privilege such as flexible working time. Employees must show a certain type of maturity. I’m not talking about age, but about consciousness, responsibility and good time management. Why am I writing about this? Because some people may consider it to be a great way of avoiding work. So, if you work in a company with flexible working hours, it means that our supervisors and HR department think that you are a reliable and trustworthy person.

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