The passion that leads to a dream job.

18 Jan 22
2 minutes

The gaming industry is considered to be a part of the broadly defined  IT industry, but what makes it different is a creative spark, essential for making games immersive, entertaining, and even therapeutic.

Marek originally taught himself to be a teacher, graduating with a degree in philosophy.  However, he decided that his future lies in gaming. He developed his skills in game design over 15 years in the industry, until he got to the point when he noticed that as much as he loves creating games, teaching and helping others grow was even more satisfying to him. This is why he has come full circle in his career, returning to the kind of teaching in a cross-manager function. TSG’s cross-manager’s role is to see the talent and set an appropriate development path for them. As the most experienced experts, they support their colleagues, build an expert community in the company, and serve as mentors. 

In the interview, you will learn more about Marek’s professional journey, game designers’ roles, the qualities and skill set needed to succeed in this career path and the future of game design.

You can also listen to the podcast version of the show below:

Marek Žilavý is the Head of Game Design at Ten Square Games. For the last fifteen years, he worked with dozens of different teams on many platforms and loved every step of the way. He is a strong believer in validation, adapting scientific and creative methods in game design. More than anything, however, he never forgets the most important part of game design: the people — be it the players, his fellow game designers, or other team members. He focuses on empowering his team, helping them mature as designers, and using their skills to nourish design culture.

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