Spooky Season — Celebrating Halloween, TSG Style.

23 Nov 22
3 minutes

As winter slowly approaches, we’ll take a look a few weeks back to see how we celebrated Halloween, both in our games and in our office. Let’s start this spooky adventure with our biggest game.

A Weeklong Adventure

The Fishing Clash team decided to go for an atmospheric mystery adventure as their main theme for Halloween week. Players had to collect parts of an artifact for a Historian looking to uncover the secrets of a mythical White Lady.

Of course, this being a Halloween Mystery, there had to be a twist, with the historian turning out to actually be evil, imprisoning the White Lady and Headless Horseman in his Great Lakes mansion. The players then had to catch a magical fish called the Gatekeeper and use its scales in a ritual to free the ghosts. The players who completed the artifact also got special offers for Pearls as a reward for their dedication.

At the end of the day, Halloween week saw 173.5 million fish caught, with each vanity item offered as a prize for the event being won by an average of 100 thousand players.

Ghosts and Zombies

The Hunting Clash team, meanwhile, decided to introduce two different parts of the event. One of them was the addition of the frightening Zombie Shark to the game’s only underwater hunting ground in Florida. While the undead maneater patrolled the Atlantic Coast, a bigger haunting was happening in Montana and Lomsdal-Visten, where all the animals were possessed by evil spirits, and it was down to our players to exorcise them.

At the end of the day, the event was quite a success, with over one million Zombie Sharks hunted and 75 thousand players participating in the Halloween festivities in Montana and Lomsdal-Visten, hunting a total of 5.5 million animals.

Skeleton Lakes and Wendigos

Our Evergreen titles, Let’s Fish and Wild Hunt, also had their own fun times. Let’s Fish created an even more spooky version of the already-scary Skeleton Lakes, adding some dark atmosphere and some really creepy fishes added to the mix. The stat of the event in Let’s Fish? Players used 116 thousand buffs trying to catch the little buggers!

Meanwhile, Wild Hunt introduced the mythical Wendigo, a skeleton monster that haunted multiple grounds across the game. To catch this monster, players could use The Rat Catcher, a one-of-a-kind pistol, and the Wigeon Crossbow. Additionally, more monsters emerged throughout Halloween Week, like the Barghest, Plague Doe, and Striga.,

It All Starts With the Team

Every event of this kind requires a load of effort and teamwork to complete. From the LiveOps Designers coming up with the concept for the event and the story told to the players through the artists creating in-game assets and promotional materials, the developers and testers ensuring the event ran smoothly, all the way to the Growth and Services teams ensuring that players know about the events, and know how to interact with them.

After a week of events well-done, our team had a chance to kick back and have a relaxing event of their own, having some classic Halloween fun in our office to celebrate absolutely Owning It in their products!

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