Reasons why you’d like to work at Ten Square Games.

24 Aug 18
5 minutes

Do you dream that you’ll have an ideal job with many career paths and the possibility of development after graduation? Would you like to keep developing in the IT and mobile games industry and also be up to date with trends? You couldn’t find a better place! I’ll assure you that you’ll gladly get out of bed for Ten Square Games because it’s not just a company – it’s potential, unbelievable work comfort and amazing people who strive for a shared success. Interested? Find out more about us!

You can gain experience here

For Ten Square Games, it is not important how long you’ve worked but what skills you have. Your stubbornness and work motivation supported by proper projects (individual or team) may open the door to our gaming world for you. Here you can gain competence by working with programs such as Unity, Trello, Jira, Photoshop, and you’ll learn how to work in a team. If you’re interested in a different position at our company – we’ll try to give you a chance for personal growth! Moreover, we’re fans of learning while working. That’s why we organize Free2Play Academy – a 5-week online course and 2-day workshops at Instytut Informatyki of the University of Wroclaw. The course is dedicated for everyone who is interested in gaming. You can learn from specialists about what a Game Designer does and design your own game. The main prize for the best result is a few weeks long apprenticeship at our company during which you can gain a lot of professional experience. There are also unique item prizes.

Flexible working time

You can be an early bird or a night owl – it’s your decision what time you want to get up and start work. Ten Square Games counts on your creativity and time management. If you have a rough night and want to come to work at 10 AM – that’s fine! You need to be relaxed, have a fresh mind and a head full of ideas – that’s the most important for us! That’s where new ideas for our games come from after all.

Feel at home

You know this feeling perfectly – when you’re sitting at some in your favourite tracksuit, warm slippers and a cup of tea in your hand. Sounds nice? For Ten Square Games, this is work routine – it depends on you what you wear to work. Everything to feel as good as possible when you’re working. We believe that a happy employee who is not limited is more productive. As you may guess, it is very important in a creative environment such as ours. That’s why we’re not bothered with a dress code. Only advantages!

We care about you the most

In Ten Square Games, we care about you and your health. If you need to go to a doctor – don’t worry about that. We have a private healthcare package from Luxmed. Moreover, we want you to stay fit and healthy, to keep in shape and work out regularly, that’s why we co-finance your multisport card. Surprised? Take a colleague and go on a training together! We also purchased air purifiers to have some influence on ecology and to decrease smog.

Fun days at Ten Square Games

Our company will keep you happy and provide some snacks for you. There’s a game room with PlayStation 4 and a few board games, a library containing books related to making games, art design, marketing etc. Fresh fruit arrive at our office a few time a week – help yourself! Apart from all that, we try to make our employees happy by ordering pizza, quesadilla and other food. These food events help us bring people together. We also make social gatherings after work to have fun as a group. All the initiatives of our employees are taken into consideration, we don’t ignore their ideas. Check out for yourself!

Take a look at the infrastructure

Wrocław is one of the most modernized cities in Poland. It’s also a Mecca for the IT industry. That’s why the capital of Lower Silesia is open to everyone who decides to come here and that’s why it has a cosmopolitan character. You can find here many start-ups and big businessmen. But life is not all about work, right? Wrocław has many places worth visiting! You can relax in the unique old town or try excellent cuisine, see amazing places, go to a theatre or for a walk at Wyspa Opatowicka. It all makes us believe that Wrocław can be home even for newcomers.

So, you think you know everything about us? Remember that you can always ask us questions – just visit our Facebook or Instagram profile and sens a message. We want to grow and develop and we need your help!

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