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Meet the Fishing Clash Team.

24 May 22
Author: TSG Team
2 minutes

Fishing Clash, the largest of TSG projects, is currently staffed by almost 70 people. With over 3 million players per month enjoying our flagship title, the team faces many challenges while daring to explore and seeking innovative solutions to keep Fishing Clash one of the most successful hobby games worldwide.

The Fishing Clash team consists of streams that work on new features and mechanics, live ops, and compelling content. They constantly deliver fresh ways of entertaining the players and enriching the game’s core activity, fishing.

The game is already a blockbuster, but we have no room for complacency. With practically unlimited design challenges, the team still has a lot more experience to attain and many more development opportunities to seize. 

Alex Balinska, the team’s leader, joined us in 2019 as a Junior Live Ops Designer. She started out in Hunting Clash, gradually making her way up in game development: from the title’s release in 2020 to its 152nd place in the Google Play store. The experience she gained there helped bring her where she is now as Alex left the Hunting Clash project to take on leadership in Fishing Clash China. In her private life, our colleague is a big fan of Pokémon Go. A TSG company legend says that we hired her because we never met anyone with a larger collection of these crazy creatures.

Ready to take on the challenge? Apply and meet the team.

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