Current report No. 18/2022 .

7 March 2022

The Management Board of Ten Square Games S.A. informs that on March 7, 2022 it decided to block, by switching off the servers on March 8, 2022, the possibility of: downloading, installing, using and paying in the game by users using AppStore and GooglePlay stores from the territories of Russia and Belarus.
This decision is dictated by the geopolitical situation in Russia as well as the impossibility of conducting effective marketing campaigns in these markets. The decision covers all games of Ten Square Games Group.
The aforementioned event will have an impact on the Company’s future revenues. Sales (payments from players) from Russia in 2021 for the game Fishing Clash amounted to PLN 31.5 million, which represents approximately 6.5% of total payments for this title. For the Company’s second key title, Hunting Clash, sales (payments from players) in 2021 amounted to approximately PLN 2.9 million, which represents approximately 2.5% of total payments for this title.
Payments from players in Belarus are, in the Management’s opinion, insignificant. Payments from Russia made through GooglePlay and Appstore for the Company’s other games are immaterial.
As of the date of issuance of the announcement, the Management Board of the Company is not able to assess how long the payments from Russia and Belarus will not be received, therefore the total impact of the payment blockade cannot be estimated. At the same time, the Management Board emphasizes that 99% of receivables resulting from sales in the territory of Russia and Belarus in 2021 have already been paid to the Company.