Current report No. 23/2022 .

25 April 2022

The Ten Square Games S.A. seated in Wrocław (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) Management Board hereby informs that on April 25th, 2022, the Company’s Supervisory Board has made a resolution concerning the review of the Management Board’s motion concerning the division of the Company’s profits for the fiscal year 2021 and dividend payout, and the recommendation submitted to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Supervisory Board’s review of the Management Board’s motion is positive, and the recommendation for the General Shareholders’ Meeting is that the net profits for the fiscal year 2021 to the amount of 138,261,309.00 PLN (in words: a hundred and thirty-eight million two hundred sixty-one thousand three hundred and nine Polish zlotych) be divided in the following manner:

  1. 72,317,830.00 PLN (in words: seventy-two million three hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty polish zlotych 0/100) to be divided among the shareholders via a dividend payment of 10.00 PLN (in words: ten Polish zlotych 0/100) per share (excluding the company’s shares);
  2. 65,943,479 PLN (in words: sixty-five million nine hundred forty-three thousand four hundred seventy-nine polish zlotych 0/100) to be dedicated to reserve capital.

The Supervisory Board has reviewed the motion of the Management Board to indicate June 2nd, 2022 as the dividend date, and June 16th, 2022 as the dividend payment date.

The final decision concerning the division of income for the fiscal year ending December 31st, 2022 will be made by the General Shareholders’ Meeting.