Current report no. 28/2023 .

28 November 2023

The Management Board of Ten Square Games Spółka Akcyjna, based in Wrocław (the “Company”), in reference to current report no. 27/2023, informs that it has received a request from Arkadiusz Pernal, a shareholder of the Company, pursuant to Article 401 § 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies (the “CCC”), to place the following item on the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company convened for December 19, 2023 (the “EGM”):

“Adoption of a resolution on the establishment of an incentive program, for persons serving as the Company’s management board members, including the right to purchase the Company’s own shares.”

The request also includes the text of the draft resolution.

Accordingly, acting pursuant to Article 401§2 of the Commercial Companies Code, the Company’s Management Board announces an amendment to the agenda of the EGM.

The shareholder’s request together with the draft resolution and the content of the amended agenda of the EGM are attached to this report.

Shareholder’s request

Amended agenda of EGM