Current Report no. 38/22 .

6 July 2022

Legal basis: Art. 70(1) Public Offer of Financial Instruments Act — acquisition or disposal of a significant block of shares



The Ten Square Games S.A. (“Company”) board informs that on this day, the Company received a notice of change of share ownership from TFI Allianz Polska S.A., acting on behalf of the following funds:

– Allianz Duo FIO (previously Aviva Investors FIO),

– Allianz FIO,

– Allianz Inwestycje SFIO (previously Aviva Investors SFIO),

– Allianz Plan Emerytalny SFIO,

– Allianz SFIO Dużych Spółek (previously Aviva SFIO Dużych Spółek),
– Allianz SFIO PPK (previously Aviva PPK SFIO),

– Bezpieczna Jesień SFIO


The translated contents of the notice can be found attached to this report: Notice of crossing the threshold – Ten Square Games