Current Report no. 45/2022 .

8 November 2022

The Management Board of Ten Square Games S.A. (the “Company”) informs that on 07.11.2022. Board of Directors of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (“WSE”). (“WSE”) adopted Resolution No. 1008/2022 on the admission and introduction to exchange trading on the WSE Main Market of the Company’s series C ordinary bearer shares, by which the WSE Board:

(i) declared that 33,039 (thirty-three thousand thirty-nine) series C ordinary bearer shares of the Company, with a value of PLN 0.10 (ten cents) each (“Shares”), are admitted to trading on the parallel market;

(ii) resolved to list the Shares as of November 9, 2022 on the parallel market, subject to the registration of the Shares by Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (The Central Depository for Securities) on November 9, 2022 and their designation with the code “PLTSQGM00016.”

The resolution of the WSE Management Board came into force on the date of adoption.