Fishing Clash: Dive into a Bigger Pond.

15 Nov 23
Author: Nina Grabos
3 minutes

Ten Square Games (TSG) announces the expansion of Fishing Clash, the best mobile fishing game, to web browsers. The launch of the browser version of Fishing Clash is, on the one hand, another project by Ten Square Games, after TSG Store, to increase the Group’s financial efficiency, and on the other hand, an attempt to expand Fishing Clash’s reach. Fishing Clash’s presence in browsers will provide current fans of the game with a choice of platforms for gameplay, and the Company will reach new audiences.

-Community is at the center of modern gaming and one of the strongest features of Fishing Clash. It is one of the reasons we want to provide fans of Fishing Clash with more possibilities to interact with each other. Additionally, Fishing Clash’s expansion to the web offers a possibility to attract a new group of players to the game and further extend its community. It also unlocks new opportunities for marketing and business partnerships based, for example, on revenue sharing. It is a new component of the game’s economy with prospects for improving its profitability. – Andrzej Ilczuk, CEO of Ten Square Games

The Best of Fishing on the Big Screen

TSG’s decision to bring Fishing Clash to web browsers marks a significant step towards embracing the multi-platform gaming era. Interestingly, Fishing Clash initially started as a web browser game before transforming into the mobile sensation it is today. As more mobile games find their way to web browsers, TSG joins this trend, offering players the chance to enjoy their favorite game on a broader range of devices. With this move, TSG brings the best of fishing to the big screen, allowing players to embark on their favorite fishing adventures on a larger canvas without missing any of the game’s captivating features. It’s the same Fishing Clash experience but with a bigger and more immersive screen.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Fishing Clash’s presence in web browsers not only attracts a new group of players to the game but also creates new options for allocating the marketing budget. Additionally, it opens new possibilities for business partnerships based on revenue sharing, adding another layer to the game’s financial success. Most importantly, similarly to TSG Store, this project further enhances TSG’s drive for financial efficiency. The TSG Store has recently received an upgrade and now features items from Hunting Clash, making it a hub for in-game purchases across TSG’s portfolio.

Exploring the Cross-Platform Gaming Trend

The move to make Fishing Clash available in web browsers aligns with the growing trend in the gaming industry, where more mobile games are embracing cross-platform compatibility. With a steady rise in mobile cross-play games, TSG is eager to explore in the future the opportunities arising from this trend. As reported by Newzoo*, one in four players currently enjoys cross-platform gaming, and these multi-platform players tend to spend more time and money on their gaming experiences.

Ten Square Games is a visionary game developer committed to delivering captivating and immersive gaming experiences in a free-to-play model. The company comprises approximately 300 dedicated individuals working in studios located in Wrocław, Warsaw, and Bucharest. The TSG Group’s portfolio includes world-renowned titles such as Fishing Clash, one of the most popular 3D fishing simulators globally, Hunting Clash, a realistic hunting simulator, Airline Commander, a recognized flight simulator, and Wings of Heroes, which premiered globally in October 2022.

*PC & Console Gaming Report 2023

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