Save the Oder event in Fishing Clash to rebuild river’s ecosystem.

08 Sep 22
3 minutes

In August, the Oder, the second largest Polish river, which also passes through Czechia and Germany, was devastated by an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. We decided to help rebuild the Oder’s ecosystem. Starting September 8th, Fishing Clash will hold a Save the Oder event, in which players will be challenged with catching as many fish as possible. If they manage to catch 20 million fish, we will transfer PLN 100 thousand for fish stocking efforts, with the participants receiving a special badge.

The Oder, the second largest Polish river, which also passes through Czechia and Germany, and the animals living in it were devastated by an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. In late July, the Environmental Inspector’s Office started receiving information about mass fish death. Since early August, thousands of dead animals have been found on nearly 500 km of the river, with initial estimates stating that between 25 and 50% of the fish in the Oder died. The ecosystem will take years to rebuild, but Fishing Clash players will be able to get involved in the process starting September 8th. 

During the 24-hour Save the Oder event, the players will be tasked with catching as many fish as possible. The more fish are caught, the more money Ten Square Games will transfer to organizations working towards restoring the river to its former glory. If the players combine for 20 million fish caught, the company will transfer PLN 100 000 to Oder restoration efforts. Participants will also receive a special badge honoring their participation in the event.

“We were shocked by the environmental catastrophe on the Oder that killed hundreds of thousands of fish. When that emotion went away, we knew we had to help. Both the underwater world that inspires our game, as well as the Oder, which flows through Wrocław, the home to TSG’s headquarters, are near and dear to our hearts. Despite it being years, if not decades, before the Oder rebuilds its ecosystem, we can make small steps and work together to help it,” says Olga Ostrowska, ESG Manager at Ten Square Games S.A.

The Save the Oder event is another element of Ten Square Games’ initiatives for the natural environment. In May 2022, Hunting Clash players participated in events organized as a part of Green Game Jam 2022 organized by Playing for the Planet, thanks to which TSG managed to fund the planting of 60 000 trees in Tanzania. In April 2022, when celebrating Earth Day, Fishing Clash players cleaned the virtual Amazon and collected points, which were later turned into a donation toward planting trees in the area. Last year, during World Water Day 2021, players from all around the world fished for extinct species in Fishing Clash’s virtual fisheries, helping Healthy Seas clean the oceans.

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