Ten Square Games in 2021 – stable bookings and consistent strategy execution.

31 Mar 22
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Stable bookings, consistent product diversification, as well as new companies and teams in the group – Ten Square Games has summarized its performance in 2021.

In 2021, Ten Square Games had nearly EUR 142 million of bookings, which is 4 percent more than in a highly favorable market of 2020. Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash accounted for 74 and 18 percent of the company’s consolidated sales, respectively. Adjusted EBITDA reached almost EUR 51 million, while net profit accounted for nearly EUR 31 million.

The recent quarters have proved that Ten Square Games is able to consistently follow its strategy and achieve stable results even in a highly dynamic and unpredictable macroeconomic environment. Our goal is to become an international free-to-play mobile games platform that offers a constantly growing portfolio of world-class titles. We make this happen by maintaining the leadership position in the outdoor hobby games niche – with Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash being continuously developed – as well as by consistently launching new titles,” declared Maciej Zużałek, the CEO of Ten Square Games.

Despite market challenges in 2021, such as the post-pandemic change in users’ behavior and the modification of Apple’s privacy policy, bookings in Hunting Clash accounted for over EUR 25 million, compared to EUR 3.5 million in 2020 when the title was launched globally. “Hunting Clash achieved tremendous success in 2021. Launching a second title to such levels is a unique achievement in our industry, where few companies have managed to grow a spin-off title so successfully,” added Maciej Zużałek.

To diversify its portfolio, Ten Square Games is focused on expanding its network of studios in Poland and across Europe. In 2021, the group was joined by RORTOS, a worldwide leader in the mobile flight simulators segment. With support from Ten Square Games in such fields as Business Intelligence and User Acquisition, the RORTOS team is following an ambitious growth strategy by reaching out to wider groups of users. In March 2022, Ten Square Games also announced its purchases of shares in Gamesture, which brings new opportunities in the popular mobile RPG segment.

In 2021, we worked intensely on new games. As a result, and based on our know-how, we now have five titles in production. Two of these games, Undead Clash and Magical District, are being tested in the American market. Another title, with which we are going to enter the sports games segment, is advanced at the pre-soft launch level. One of the two games our Warsaw studio is working on is aimed at strengthening our position in the fishing games niche. The new title by the RORTOS team will allow us to be well-positioned in a new and fast-growing flight simulator segment,” explained Wojciech Gattner, Chief of Product Strategy at Ten Square Games.

Intense product development has been possible due to the new addresses on the Ten Square Games map as well as over 200 talents that have strengthened the team in 2021. On top of the Verona-based RORTOS studio, which was acquired last year, Ten Square Games also founded new studios in Berlin and Bucharest, which initiated its transformation from a Polish company into an international organization. “We have continuously grown our teams since 2020, when we adopted a long-term development strategy. We are now on a way to finalizing this process in the upcoming months when we plan to reach the level of talents we need to further grow Ten Square Games,” emphasized Maciej Zużałek.

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