PLN 45.2 million of revenue of Ten Square Games in Q1 2019.

09 Apr 19
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4 april 2019 r.

Estimated consolidated revenues of Ten Square Games S.A. in Q1 2019 amounted to PLN 45.2 million,
which is an increase by 213% year on year and 8.7% compared to Q4 2018.

in millions of PLNQ1 2018Q2 2018Q3 2018Q4 2018Q1 2019*Change y/yChange q/q
*Estimated revenue, not including deferred revenue.

“We are very pleased with the results of the first quarter of 2019 – the best in our history in terms of sales revenue. This quarter’s results are also a proof that we are able to maintain the attractiveness of our blockbuster game Fishing Clash, whose debut took place in October 2017. The game is constantly being developed and made more attractive by introducing new elements and functionalities, and the effects are reflected in revenues – February and March 2019 were, apart from October 2018, the best in history in terms of generated revenues. It is also worth adding that the first quarter of 2019 was record-breaking in terms of the volume of our marketing expenses, of which most was spent on Fishing Clash. Therefore we are expecting to maintain further high monetization of this game in subsequent periods” – says Arkadiusz Pernal, Vice-President of the Management Board of Ten Square Games S.A.

“Let’s Fish – another of our fishing games, present on the market for over 7 years, continues to generate satisfactory revenues. Wild Hunt (a sports hunting simulator, on the market since mid-2017) is also doing very well – the first quarter of 2019 is a continuation of the very good performance of the game with several times higher revenues year on year. We are also developing new titles – in the coming weeks, as announced, we will start the soft launch phase of Golf Rush. The game will be made available on several selected markets, and after analysis and necessary improvements, we will make a decision on the date of the global launch. In addition, this year and next year the market will see productions for women, which will be our entry into a very promising and attractive segment, and a hobby game based on our outdoor and simulation experience with Fishing Clash” adds Arkadiusz Pernal.

Estimated sales revenues in the first quarter of 2019, provided by the Management Board of Ten Square Games, may differ from the final data, which will be included in the consolidated financial statement for the first quarter of 2019, whose publication is scheduled for May 22, 2019.

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Ten Square Games S.A. is one of the largest producers and publishers of mobile game apps in Poland. The company was founded in 2011 by Maciej Popowicz and Arkadiusz Pernal.

Then Square Games specializes in hobby games. The company produces and releases free-to-play games, earning money on micro-payments (for paid in-game functionalities) and advertising. Games produced by Ten Square Games are offered on the most important mobile platforms – iOS and Android, as well as through Internet portals.

Ten Square Games has created more than 200 games to date. The best known projects are Let’s Fish and Fishing Clash – currently the most popular fishing game in the world.

In April 2018, Ten Square Games conducted an initial public offering (IPO). The offer amounted to over PLN 94 million. On May 11, 2018 Ten Square Games shares made a debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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